• Dottodot1

    Welcome aboard!

    April 23, 2017 by Dottodot1

    Hey, and welcome back to texel y'all!

    I am not a dev, but I plan on making myself present in the forums and chat, so if you have any questions, try to talk to me instead of taking up a dev's time. I was a huge fan of the original D.O.T. and am looking forward to loving the new one.

    For all you people seeing this page and wondering if the alpha is out yet, You'll know when it comes out. Until then, assume it hasn't.

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  • Elise Serket

    Fighterpage 3 Transition

    November 28, 2016 by Elise Serket
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  • Elise Serket

    Name Description Priority Effect Example
    Flodd A WATER hex that wreaks havoc with a foe's hydrolyzer. 3rd Deals WIS-based damage. Commonly found on water fighters. None
    Flodd All A WATER hex that wreaks havoc with every foe's hydrolyzer. 3rd Like Flodd, but attacks all enemies. N/A
    Smite All The SMITE brings down potent wrath on every foe. 3rd Like Smite, but attacks all enemies.

    Rock Forget the paper and scissors--shake all foes with this fist of fury. 3rd Acts like a more powerful Smite. N/A
    Nova What was lost lives again, long enough to bring low a foe. 3rd See Smite. N/A
    Ensorcel Runes go what's writ for you is a tale of woe. 3rd Acts like Smite and has a low chance to Matchmaker All. N/A
    Enflame A FIRE hex which sows a seed of…

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  • Elise Serket
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  • Equus497

    Fighter Organization

    October 13, 2016 by Equus497


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  • Elise Serket

    Name Description Activates Effect Example
    Smite All The SMITE brings down potent wrath on every foe. 3rd Like Smite, but attacks all enemies. Read more >
  • Elise Serket

    Fighter Page Mock Up

    October 4, 2016 by Elise Serket

    Where we can hide the fact that there's no animation
    Dub Anugia Kibisegi
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  • Elise Serket

    Tabs Mock Up

    October 3, 2016 by Elise Serket

    }} }.gif| - Anim.=


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  • KhiefTitan

    Floating Tabs Practice

    October 3, 2016 by KhiefTitan

    }} }.gif| - Anim.=


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  • KhiefTitan

    Floating tabs

    October 3, 2016 by KhiefTitan

    }| - Alt. Art=

    }} }.gif| - Anim.=


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  • Elise Serket

    Testing Skills Page

    March 31, 2016 by Elise Serket

    Note: See Category:Skills to see all other skill subcategories.

    Most advanced fighters have skills. Skills have the following main components:

    • Type: Skills can be either natural or magical.
      • Natural skills use a fighter's attack and defense stats when activated.
      • Magical skills use a fighter's wisdom stat when activated.
      • Support skills increase or decrease a fighter's stats based on a percentage of that stat's current amount. Does not rely on any attributes (i.e. WIS).
      • Special skills use a unique method to calculate effects.
    • PROC count: This is the time it takes for a skill to be activated in battle. Each time a fighter is included in a battle line, the proc counter goes down by one. When the proc counter reaches zero, the fighter's skill is able to be used.
    • St…

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  • LamboOwner69

    Help with sprites

    August 4, 2015 by LamboOwner69

    Ok, so for the few people who still frequent the wiki, I have a favor to ask of you. I'm looking for sprites from the OLD Polyhymnia line (not the bird-faced one, the very first one) and also the sprite for the Schenker raid boss (scorpion). If anyone just happens to have some or all of these saved on their computer or something, I would be very very grateful if you could post them here. Thanks! :3

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  • LamboOwner69

    Hello everyone, I am updating this blog post because it has become HEAVILY outdated. The project has changed overtime and I feel it is necessary to keep the information here up-to-date.
    Contrary to what I decided in May 2015, I am renaming the project from "DOT: Offline" to "DOT: Online", simply because I have decided to make the game fully online like the original without any offline capabilities.
    As usual, post any questions or suggestions in the comments below. =)

    Some questions you might have:

    Will this be a clone of the official DOT game?===

    Basically, yes. Obviously, mechanics will be tweaked here and there, and some fighters will be buffed/nerfed as our team sees fit.
    So what's different now?
    Fighter fusion is going to be included. This m…

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  • Elise Serket


    This guide is *not* meant to replace any former guide for new players, as I myself have found some really helpful information from these guides, notably Yilun's amazing guides for noobs and his guides on trading and the market. So for that reason, if YOU are a new player and you want to understand how to compete with others and get your first legendary or whatever you're aiming for, I recommend you read some of the following guides before you read mine:

    WandererTJ's Nuub Guide
    Yilun's Beginner Guide
    Yilun's Event Handbook
    Yilun's Market Guide

    My guide is more to do with giving you more current information on what are good beginning bands--i.e. what fighters are readily available and cheap on the market [i]right now[/i]! This is simply…

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  • Cactipus

    Dear Defenders,

       The time has come... for what appears to be the end of the beautiful game that we all love. For years we've played played side by side in hosts as well as against each other for the top ranks. But it doesn't matter wether we fought against one another or fought as an united group, what matters is the community, no the family, this game has created. And now this family, that arose from nothing but strengthened by friendship, is threatened. We could just sit around and let this happen... but what good will that do when everything we love is gone? Now is the time we step up and make aware our passion for this game. A player known as Bulletproof377 recently made mention about a petition going up to voice our concerns. I do kn…

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  • TheMightyCactip


    January 12, 2015 by TheMightyCactip

    As everyone is pondering on wether or not D.O.T. is ending, I went searching for a new app to be a small replacement until D.O.T. returns. Upon my research I found an app called Smash Monsters - World Domination. This game is an RPG and it is very smooth and a nice little game to pass the time. If you're trying to find an app to replace D.O.T. for now this one is quite swell. Tell me what you think if you try it out! :D

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  • Cactipus

    I feel pretty lost right about now, because the fact there is no event for this week. From the looks of it, it appears that we'll be seeing a week long event then right after will be a 1 week buffer period. To add to all of that I believe they are doing away with the comics, skill previews, and the premium build, but who did that anyways? The thing that intrigues me the most is this "lore of D.O.T.". I'm curious to see what exactly that is. From what I heard, which could be rumored, I think they are going to be focusing and spending more time on the main story of this game. Some people say this is the beginning of the end for D.O.T., but I believe it might just be a switch up to keep things a little interesting. What are your guy's thought…

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  • Cactipus

    The Pumpkin Exchange

    October 18, 2014 by Cactipus

    Hey to everyone on this wiki, I was just wondering what everyone's thoughts were on the pumpkin exchange for the Halloween events for this year. On top of that how many Jack-o'-lanterns do you guys have and what you plan to spend them on! I didn't think asking this question on a particular Halloween event would be a good idea since this exchange extends over four events, so I thought making a blog about it would be better! 

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  • Qrjones

    Evreux or Cascalynd

    July 31, 2014 by Qrjones

    Im about to get a new rogue nd would like one with high agi and a skill move based off of agi. Two fighters im looking at are Cascalynd and Evreux. Which one should I get?

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  • SasoriSand

    The Road So Far

    April 22, 2014 by SasoriSand

    (Carry On My Wayward Son plays)

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  • Jckesis

    Going For 1000 rank!

    March 27, 2014 by Jckesis

    I am going for the 1000 rank in the siege event 7 probably wont do it

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  • Gilgamesh127

    Check it out!!! Feel free to comment if u have somethin to add ;D

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  • Gilgamesh127

    My current Band...

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  • AxisZenith

    Name origins of fighters?

    February 12, 2014 by AxisZenith

    Many fighters are named after mythological beings, including gods and demons, such as Tiamat and Pazuzu. Would you recommend adding this trivia into the articles of said fighters?

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  • LamboOwner69


    December 15, 2013 by LamboOwner69

    Hi everyone, just wanted to say hi because I am new here. :P have a nice day!!!!!11!!1!

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  • Lucoskull

    Dungeon events are my least favorite, except the rank rewards. The only thing I like is the gear and rank rewards, but I never can achieve rank rewards. The Hero fighters with no edge have horrible stats. Why must they have bad stats after they no longer receive edges in dungeon events? WHY!? I mean, the hero fighters receive 800% edge in their debut dungeon events. I never use dungeon fighters in story mode or PvP, because they have bad stats. What's your opinion on dungeon fighters?

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  • Clocksprocket

    So I haven't been around for awhile. Unfortunately, the only other admin still left that used to be active (Asmodaios) also quit awhile back, so it was just me again for a couple months.

    I've since lost the interest in editing / keeping up with the wiki. While I love the wiki community (specifically wiki chat!) I don't have the time to babysit event pages / create all the new fighter pages / etc.

    Luckily in the past couple of months, there have been a few people who have been consistently good at editing. They know where to find the proper info, how to get the pictures, how to edit pages that other people don't need to re-edit to fix, etc.

    I am here to announce that I have made Voider98 a new administrator so that he may take on admin duties …

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  • Inter14

    Guru Build

    October 20, 2013 by Inter14

    Anyone have any good Guru's? Any advice on who to look for on a Guru Build? Leave Info Here!

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  • The Smurff

    Halloween Events

    October 20, 2013 by The Smurff

    I was just wondering what everyone's thoughts were on the Halloween-themed events? Personally, I've felt that the themed fighters have been visually appealing, I just wish more of them were as useful/desired as Hinkypunk. It seems to be a general consesus that Spooxite isn't that great, simply a recolor of Doxite, and I must agree.

    I would love to hear anyone else's thoughts.

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  • Lucoskull

    When I took a view of the legendary fighters page, I notice that there are too many that are warlocks. Why is that? Why can't there be more Legendary Champs and Gurus?

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  • Asmodaios

    Dear Texelians

    October 16, 2013 by Asmodaios

    Generally, a goodbye letter to a large community consists of an exposition relating the person's identity and experiences, as well as their reason for leaving and their final thoughts.

    So, I'd like to follow the appropriate format and present to you my one and only: Good Bye Letter.

    Note: Much of what follows is written by someone you probably don't know or care about, so...

    TL;DR: Administrator is quitting. He told his story involving the game. He left a to-do list for new editors at the bottom.

    Origin Statistics

    In-Game Username: Asmodaios

    In-Game Origin: Began during late Belly of the Beast

    Forum Username: Asmodaios

    Forum Origin: 100th User.

    Wikia Username: Asmodaios

    Wikia Origin: Began in late February.


    I've been with this Texelian community …

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  • Lucoskull

    Editing with OCD

    October 14, 2013 by Lucoskull

    Whenver I am editing, and two color swaps (Same class) have comparisons, and one is superior except in one stat, really annoys me. For example, the Nidintu - Gashansunu - Bit-Nur line is superior over the Sabitum - Kingu - Adrahasis line, except in agility. Whenver another editor removes the 'except in (Stat)' line I always add onto certain comparisons between color swaps, I get very aggravated. So please, stop.

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  • Lucoskull

    Crazy Event Idea

    October 9, 2013 by Lucoskull

    I was thinking of a mashup of Siege events, Mob Raids, and PvP. I would call it WARFARE!

    Warfare events are a team PvP event. 4 groups (Battalions) will compete for the primacy prize. The battalion with the most points wins the primacy prize, and everyone in the winning battalion gets the primacy prize. The primacy prizes are very valuable.

    Warfare events would only happen once every 2 cycles of event cycles, taking the place of a siege event. The event cycle would be like..

        Mob Raid -> Dungeon -> Siege (Warfare every 2 other times) -> PvP -> Repeat (That's how it's like?)

    There are 5 ranks, as there are types of ranks (Like in sieges: Clay, Golden, Brazen, Crystal, etc). BP is used to fight other players defending their castle. There are …

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  • Starchythepotato

    Favorite fighters

    September 29, 2013 by Starchythepotato

    What is your favorite fighter?  Mine is Ebbi because I dunno, I just naturally like him ^_^

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  • Panfried


    September 26, 2013 by Panfried

    I am panfried.

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  • Lucoskull

    Siege Event 2 Rant

    September 26, 2013 by Lucoskull

    I just loooove siege events, but why can't they have names instead of just being named by numbers? I'm very surprised that Ishpah (Epic Warlock) has made an appearance in game, because he has some quotes on some fighters. I realize that some fighters on DOT orginated from Blood Brothers (Atleast in their unevolved stage). It's quite difficult writing blog posts and editing pages on the wiki because of my school computer's screen not being big enough (1366x768). I would do better if I had another monitor so I could extend the display, but what the heck. 

    Stay (sic)

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  • Lucoskull

    Beastly Burden Wiki Page

    September 20, 2013 by Lucoskull

    It's been about 4 days since Beastly Burden started, and I'm wondering, where the heck are the fighter pics for the fighters introduced in the Mob Raid event? Are people just too lazy to post a picture of of the new fighters for their wiki pages?

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  • Shinzengumi8

    THIS IS...

    September 19, 2013 by Shinzengumi8

    A test blog.

    Nothing to read much.

    Just click some other stuff.

    Or close this browser.

    Or go to my favorite links and choose one.

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  • Cocomuncher

    Yay found internet! :)

    August 31, 2013 by Cocomuncher

    As it turns out I was actually able to find internet during my journeys in Germany, so I was able to try out the new event. Unfourtunately it was terrible and extremely boring. Though this particular event was terrible I think, the idea has some potential and through a lot of tweeking and action adding, it could turn out quite spectacular.

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  • LaughableButaneBob

    When you view a fighter in game either in your the band section or the trade section you will see a standard view like this:

    But what are those two grey boxes on the right hand side with question marks in them? One is under the lock button in the top right and the other is to the left of the tribe sign, in this case Xana.

    Have these been used for something already that I have missed or are they just a mystery?

    Anyway, it's clear that I don't know. Perhaps they are just decorative... Any ideas?

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  • Cocomuncher

    Going away

    August 27, 2013 by Cocomuncher

    Unfortunately I will be on a road trip to germany so be on for about week. Tell me how the new type of event went when I get back,

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  • Eternalspeed

    Intro: The idea first came to me a few months ago when I went through a phase of being crazy about inspirit users. The current skill page tells us that Inspirit buffs work by 13% for novice, 30% for adept and 60% for elite (at max sef). While I played the game and gradually improved my band I started keeping track of damage outputs of my fighters and noticed a similar trend from skills. The first thing you have to realize is that there is an initial damage calculation for the attack, and the skill is bonus damage. 

    Initial test subject: Malakhloros, SF: 5/5, Level: 80/80 ,Attack Strength: 5187

    -Depending on the defense of enemy damage output was 1700s-2100s. By mathematic calculations we can conclude this is 32-40% of his attack strength. For…

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  • LDieTrying

    I recently acquired my 5th Bronze crown. I'm happy about it, but also dissapointed, I was very very close to getting Silver, but my fighters were not good enough to clear through the vent, and I had ran out of resources. 

    The urge to do something, anything in a very spontaneous way seems to be what I know realize has led to all these Bronze crowns. 

    I sell a fighter or use all my texi just to get some Bitters and then I realize I'd down farther than I started, but I can't reverse my actions and now I have to rebuild. Trading frenzy has a big part of it too, of course you can get some good deals, but after you realize you've overpriced a lot of your fighters and used up all your offers. And now that the frenzy has settle people know the true …

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  • Syncronard

    Complaints 1

    July 25, 2013 by Syncronard

    As I play and enjoy this game I always run into complaints, some petty some serious. So I decided to place my 2 cents on some of these complaints, because everyone like my opinion (i wish)

    1. Lame point rewards in general:

    I consider this petty because point rewards are relatively easy to obtain so what do you expect, a super unstoppable legendary fighter for 10 points? Get real 

    2. Old events were better:

    Well...this is true, but its better this way than before. I events nowadays were as good as back then, then we'd have a ridiculous power creep with broken gears and every new creature being stronger than the last making older creatures near obsolete, plus old gear was game breaking (Do you want to live in a world where Boldewin dominates the…

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  • Syzygistic

    I wonder if I am the only one that sees a big jump in difficulty of the Witch during these relic events.  I am class 450, and I have a few 5/5 epics.  I can consistently defeat the witch using 0 bits on 2 star and 3 star level 6.  It usually takes me 3 rows to finish her. 

    As soon as I hit 3 star level 7, it takes me 2 whole battles to defeat the witch.  I'm talking all 3 lines 3 times then i have to fight her again.  That seems to be the spot on all dungeons and has happened to me on the last few events of this type.

    I just wish that the difficulty was scaled a little better.  By that I mean that the witch should get increasingly more difficult, but not jump huge leaps and bounds in hit points.  She should get more hit points each round, bu…

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  • Syzygistic

    Today, I hit 2 banunuramas in the same 3 fight string, the first and third fight.  I know I was on a three fight battle, 2 deep, and I let it expire by accident.  When I moved again it triggered another PVP fight string with the first being a banunurama.  Then, to my surprise, the last fight was also a banunurama.  My guess is the third fight of my expired battle was going to be a banunurama, and it just carried over through the time out phase to my next PVP battle string. 

    Both fights were the same 1 banunu and 2 ikkupi, but I was still stoked that it happened!!  Has this happened to anyone else?

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  • Syzygistic


    July 10, 2013 by Syzygistic

    I love this new surprise feature, and I have been luck enough to fight them twice this event so far. I encountered my Banunurama while not in freny, but it was the 3rd fight. A banunu head jumps out of the right side of the screen, tempting you to scroll over and see the fight. I think it is a little funny that you could all out edge the fight also.   The rewards for the mixed lines seem to be the banunu/ikkupi you fought, 5 tyxite, and 1 nux bit.

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  • DarkVanity

    Well I've never written a blog before but this seems fun, I guess I'll leave at that for now...hmmmmm

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  • Syzygistic

    I guess I would have liked to see a better split of the reward rares for the the final day in the lower brackets.  Keep in mind, I'm only talking units. This is the current distro:

    • 301-500: 2 Nin-Gelal
    • 501-1000:  2 Broadbene
    • 1001-3000: 1 Broadbene
    • 3001-5000: 1 Broadbene

    Okay, so 2 Nin-Gelal would be nice, but it hard to rank that well without saving up or buying in.  Im not saying it cant be done, just very difficult for me at the moment.  So then I get to look forward to Broadbene?  Really, the big pink guy is the final reward for 501-5000?  They couldn't have mixed it up a bit?  Maybe thrown in 1 different unit?  I am not opposed in the least to broadening the units in the rewards, maybe the following:

    • 301-500: 2 Nin-Gelal and 2 Broadbene 2 Bi…

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  • Xabring

    Just posting that i finally hit a milestone in my life.........and with that, comes decisions, and one of those decisions has to do with this cool game called D.O.T


    and well...let's be honest, I’ve wasted money here and there and actually this game it's sucking my efforts and attention in a negative way, so i decided it is time to leave D.O.T


    No, not because D.O.T sucks money in like a vaccum, but because it takes loads of time and my smartphone's battery life and I also requiere a radical change in my lifestyle so i can have the most free time available VS work time, since im now getting a job and if I keep playing this, there's a high chance lot's of money will end this (not to mention the wasted time and that I should, for example, spen…

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