Here is a list of notable oddities within the game. Feel free to add your own. This is a simple to edit page.


  1. Vertrance and Malakhloros have Scorch despite being Earth sign. Boilborn has Grime.
  2. Luckdraw is classified as a Rogue, yet has the stats and skills of a Warlock.
  3. Mehrdad is classified as a Rogue, yet has the stats of a Warlock.
  4. Mehrdad is Fire sign, yet has the appearance of a Lightning sign fighter.
  5. Makepeace and Rendfoot are both Lightning sign, yet Makepeace has the appearance a Earth sign fighter.
  6. Emesh - Ennugi - Enkimdu have Grime and Grime All, yet have the stats of Gurus.

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