These fighters are awarded for playing the game for a specific amount of days, and are delivered to the cache.

How Daily Login Bonus works is in theory is that every ranked fighter from each event will come out in the order they came out starting with Ataneedusu. This theory so far has not been debunked. If you are wondering why Dread or Nebu is not on the list is because they are paid fighters. This also means that Wigo can not be obtained from Daily Login Bonus.

Day Reward
1 Common Ashtad
2 Uncommon Ahatsunu
3 Uncommon Blackshard
5 UncommonAralu
7 RareMessia
10 EpicBurebista
14 Uncommon Roshan
21 Rare Greengloam
30 Rare Saeedh
37 Rare Aranthur
44 Epic Lightbane
51 Rare Natoporus
58 Rare Nin-Marki
65 Epic Ellat-Gula
72 Rare Mauvain
79 Rare Arahunaa
86 Epic Mirza
93 Rare Fourleaf
100 Rare Darkbegone
110 Epic Tishpak
120 Epic Jinxan
130 Rare Serakh
140 Rare Soroush
150 Epic Tiamat
180 Epic Amaralice
210 Epic Thesanthei
240 Epic Anagalshu
270 Epic Ataneedusu
300 Epic Velthur
330 Epic Valiander
360 Epic Namtar
390 Epic Numesie
420 Epic Plecu
450 Epic Lidunnamu
480 Epic Montu, God of War
510 Epic Lidan-Gula
540 Legendary Zertnai
570 Epic Levithania
600 Legendary Urhammu
630 Epic Mamarce
660 Legendary Udo
690 Epic Serslough
720 Legendary Polyhymnia
750 Epic Vivinna
780 Legendary Lophidiana