Double Skills are a type of Skill introduced in the PvP Event Magic Mania. Double Skills will trigger two skills, one after another, and the two skills can be any combination of Natural or Magical.

Typically, a Double Skill will behave just like a regular skill in that it has a Proc Count and activates based on the Fighters' Agility stat, or AGI.

Note:Damage output/multiplier for skills triggered may differ from original ones.





Speedfreak Swaps agility for attack power to hit--then run! 1st + 3rd Quicken Self + Sting
Bullwhip Once is a shock, twice is just being whipped. 3rd + 3rd Smash + Smash
Pasodoble Give and take, soothe and slash, save this dance for I must dash. 1st + 2nd Inspirit + Heal
Charm Dance Dance to reduce all enemy attack & increase one of your own. 1st + 1st Dispirit All + Inspirit
Splice All Old magic, new hope and true-blue love unleash a sonic groom. 3rd + 1st WIS-based all attack + Slacken all
Phosphor The light gnostic has many aspects, some harsher than others. 1st + 3rd Illume Self + WIS-based attack
Wroth All When the king rages, the earth itself does tremble. 3rd + 3rd ? + ?
Drown Water, water, double weep, one of your fighters is going to weep. 3rd + 3rd Drench + Drench
Needle Beat them to the punch and take the heart from one foe. 1st + 1st Slacken All + Preempt All
Blowhard The wind that blows ill always gusts twice. 3rd + 3rd Stampede All + Gust
Chutzpah Pedal to the metal, and fire away! 3rd + 3rd Sting + Sting
Phreque All systems have their weaknesses--and wonders. 3rd + 3rd Sting all + Heal all
Wildfire You want an all-natural hex, look no further than a heat spell! ? + ? ? + ?
Doublefry A FIRE hex that once sown, burns twice. 3rd + 3rd Pyro + Pyro
Bedwetter Raises the wisdom of an ally, before FLODDS one foe. 1st + 3rd Illume + Flodd
Swarm QUICKENS one ally before STINGING all enemies. 1st + 3rd Quicken Self + Sting All
Illwind A wind attack that strikes twice, cuts deep and salts the wound. ? + ? ? + ?
Redfalle All The better to take a big chunk out of your DEF with, dear. 1st + 3rd Erode + WIS-based all-attack
Licketysplit Uses AGI to foil once, foil twice-and extract a high price. 1st + 1st Sting + Sting
Mistral Restores the HP of every fighter and lashes one foe 2nd + 3rd Heal all + Flodd
Munch Two heads are better than one, when it comes to snacking. ? + ? ? + ?
Foofoo Gives a restorative nip of HP before unleashing FLODD ALL. 2nd + 2nd Heal Self + Flodd All
Hellion When the snakes doze, a wise man knows to attack. ? + ? ? + ?
Freshen FLODD ALL--then hit them with WIS while wet. ? + ? Flodd All + ?
Slugwyrm SMITES the most arrogant, then SLACKENS ALL. 1st + 2nd Smite + Slacken All
Griller One SCORCH to caramelize, two to seal in the flavor. ? + ? ? + ?
Blister ILLUME the self and in the fire of knowledge engulf one foe. 1st + 2nd Illume Self + Blister
Deadfall Weakens with lies, wounds suddenly--then gets another kick in. ? + ? ? + ?
Vainglory All First is to dumb them down, second is to bend their knees. ? + ? ? + ?
Hotsquash Puts up a shield then rains down a harvest of pain for all. ? + ? Shield All? + Hotsquash All
Hotrock All Erode their strength, then PYRO their hopes to ashes. 1st + 2nd Erode All + Pyro All

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