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Elements are the category in which skills are organized. Most skills belong to either the Fire, Lightning, Earth, Water or Air element.

Fire Sign-fireEdit

Skills exclusive to fire: Pyro, Pyro all, Enflame, Enflame all, Scorch, Scorch all, Ambust, Ambust all

Lightning Sign-lightningEdit

Skills exclusive to lightning: Zhap, Zhap all, Shock, Shock all, Flash of Rage

Earth Sign-earthEdit

Skills exclusive to earth: Myre, Myre all, Grime, Grime all

Water Sign-waterEdit

Skills exclusive to water: Flodd, Flodd all, Frost and Ice, Drench, Drench all

Air Sign-airEdit

Skills exclusive to air: Gael, Gael all, Gust, Gust all, Squall, Scour all

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