• 2x Points Frenzy
  • Enemy Encounter
  • Raid Boss Encounter
  • Thriller
  • Friend Encounter
  • Relic
  • Relic Guardians


Dungeon EncountersEdit

  • Groups of three, must be defeated to move on
  • Difficulty is based on level of dungeon

Before Wild SeedEdit

  • Similiths
  • Three relic Guardians
  • 100% Relic Frenzy
  • Thrillers and Mortal Threats

Wild Seed UpdateEdit

  • Achromedea
  • Very weak Relic Guardian
  • All dungeons are relic dungeons

Another DefenderEdit

  • Normal mode and dungeons
  • Fight a friend
  • 9v3


PVP EncountersEdit

  • Three groups of enemies
  • 3 bp choices: 1, 2 (150% edge/120% pts) or 3 (200% edge/150% pts)
  • Collect win streaks
  • Streaks reset after 30
  • Special band encounters Fool's Gold and Banunurama

Mob RaidsEdit

Special Area encountersEdit

  • Two kinds
    • Normal exo fighters, similar to normal mode
    • Raid bosses
  • Area 3 is locked until later in the event

Normal ModeEdit

Normal EncountersEdit

  • Lines of three exos or fighters
  • Happens every third step

Another DefenderEdit

  • fight friends list
  • Also encounter pvp enemies during event

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