Fighter Comparisons are systems used to compare and evaluate Fighters

They are categorized into outdated systems, ones that have failed to accomodate to the rapid addition of Fighters, and dated systems, ones that have been updated within a month.


Madriad's Fighter Score Calculator BETAEdit

A Dynamic look at fighters, ranked by their stat and skill effectiveness based on a weighted

system. All you have to do is simply; type in, or select a fighter from the drop down list; and

the selected fighter will show with a full display of it's information and Fighter Score.

~There is a lot of information still missing, so every reply helps. I am looking forward

to the full release of this system, and would like to have it finished within 2 months.

AB13 Fighter RankingsEdit

A ranking of Fighters, by Fighter Subtypes, determined by differences in stats among the classes. 

Numerical Rankings show the overall rank, while Grades show relative clumps of similar stats.

Levy Guide RankingsEdit

A ranking of Fighters, by functionality types, determined by differences in stat distributions among the types.

Numerical Rankings show the overall rank, while Grades show relative clumps of similar stats.

Footnotes are added to fighters that transcend their functionality class.

Champs#LG Fighter Ranking Gurus#LG Fighter Ranking Rogues#LG Fighter Ranking Warlocks#LG Fighter Ranking Scouts#Purpose

Eternalspeed's Warlock RankingsEdit

A Ranking of Warlocks by subjective analysis regarding their specific utilities.

Provides commentaries and justifications for rankings.


BLacKR1D3R Fighters ScoreEdit

Skills Score (Skill Usefulness Rating) + Stats Score (Total Weighted Stats according to Fighter Type) = Fighter Score

Fighters are then ranked among their Fighter Type according to Fighter Score.

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