This glossary is available to define commonly used terms on the DOT forums and wiki.

A Edit

AGI: Abbreviation for Agility. This value detemines the order of the actions in the battle.

ATK: Abbreviation for ATK. This value determines the effectiveness of regular and natural skill attacks.

ATG: Abbreviation for All Target Guru

ATR: Abbreviation for All Target Rogue

B Edit

Bluzuna: Another abbreviation for Eriacu and its evolution tree. (taken from Asmodaios)

BSI: Abbreviation for Bel-Sum-Iscun

C Edit

CD: Refers to Cooldown number of a skill

Champ: Refers to a class of fighters that focus on HP, ATK, and DEF

Clocksy: Term of endearment used to refer to Clocksprocket

D Edit

DEF: Abbreviation for Defense. This value determines the extent of damage from regular and natural skill attacks.

Derp: Used to refer to Diurpaneus.

DOTcast: The stream run by User:SamaelFury and Clocksprocket every Tuesday.

E Edit

Event: Refers to a week-long contest between the entire DOT community. Players compete to earn points and rise high in the leaderboard.

F Edit

Failzuna: Informally used to refer to Eriacu and it's pre-evolutions.

Fodder: Term used to either refer to Power Fodders or trade fodder.

G Edit

Guru:  Superior in WIS and AGI, but low in ATK and vulnerable to natural attacks.

GW: Abbreviation for Glacierwalker Ijiraq .

H Edit

I Edit

J Edit

K Edit

Kik: Chat app commonly used to set up trades.

L Edit

Lowball: Refers to an offer made by someone that is significantly lower than fair market value.

M Edit

N Edit

Nebu: Abbreviation for Nebuchadnezzar.

Nergal: Abbrevistion for Nergal-Sar-Ussur.

O Edit

P Edit

PM: Abbreviation to Private Message someone else.

Power creep: Refers to DeNA adding progressively more powerful fighters into the game.

PRR: The old way of procs before Natural Born, Proc Rate is the likelihood of that skill activating. PRR rises according to SEF rather than level.

Q Edit

R Edit

Rogue: Superior in AGI, but low in HP and vulnerable to attacks in general.

S Edit

Sars: Abbreviation for Sarsinaia.

Scam: Refers to traders that don't give the stated fighters. Information on types of scams and how to avoid them can be found here: Scammers Encyclopedia

Scout: A good all-around balance of stats and also uses support skills

SEF: Fusing a fighter into other copies of the same fighter to increase it's stats, max level, and reduce it's cooldown. Cooldowns are reduced at SEF 2/5 and 5/5.

Sers: Abbreviation for Serslough.

STG: Abbreviation for Single Target Guru

Shop: Normally a thread within the DOT forums of the user's fighters up for trade/offer.

Shag/Shaga: Abbreviation for Shagaraktiyash.

STR: Abbrviation for Single Target Rogue

T Edit

Tribe: Every fighter belongs to one of three tribes. Xana, Hemi and Theri.

TST: Twin Sawtooth

U Edit

V Edit

W Edit

WIS: Abbreviation of Wisdom. This value determines the effectiveness of a magical skill attack as well as the damage sustained from magical attacks.

Warlock: one of the five fighter class that have a straight natural attack and use their magic skill to damage all the enemy or a single target, usually warlock higher stats is Attack and Wisdom, while they lack in Defense, most of time with an low-average Agility(some champ are faster) and small HP.

X Edit

Y Edit

Z Edit

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