This page details the list of Invite Reward Fighters as they have been released.

Invite Rewards give out a set number of Fighters that total up to a 0/5 SEF Epic, and some Items - usually Nux Bits, Ajas Leaves, GLU, or Duct Tape.  

Image Name Event released
Tishku[1] N/A
Anagalmeshshu Icon
Anagalmeshshu[1] N/A
Heydar Icon
Heydar 3 Days of Conquer
Griefall Icon
Griefall A Rush of Blood
Odin Icon
Odin[2] A Rush of Blood
Lamenkhaur Icon
Lamenkhaur Gear of the Gods
Petoporus Icon
Petoporus Stuff of Legends
Lamenkhaur Icon
Lamenkhaur Witching Hour
Brandensite Icon
Brandensite Built to Ride
Mushezibitu Icon
Mushezibitu Once a Thief
Petoporus Icon
Petoporus Hippodrome Bop
Plumandias Icon
Plumandias Gear & Glory
Brandensite Icon
Brandensite Toys of Summer
Rhosemadder Icon
Rhosemadder Champs & Chumps
Tancrevas Icon
Tancrevas Camp Fear
Payam Icon
Payam Sky High
Gorgii Icon
Gorgii[2] Sky High
Manno Icon
Manno Swash & Buckle
Xsayarsa Icon
Xsayarsa Siege Event I
Enten Icon
Enten[3] Fools' Gold
Thefarie Icon
Thefarie Power Grab
Tiercelm Icon
Tiercelm Beastly Burden
Lahar Icon
Lahar[2] Beastly Burden
Ramtha Icon
Ramtha Siege Event 2
Ngeshtin-Ana Icon
Ngeshtin-Ana Moon over Texel
Tancrevas Icon
Tancrevas All That Glitters
Igo Icon
Igo Lunar Legend
Asmodee Icon
Asmodee[2] Lunar Legend
Alleumad Icon
Alleumad Siege Event 3
Ello Icon
Ello Objects of Desire
Enten Icon
Enten Rise and Shine
Ninkarrak Icon
Ninkarrak Mirror Darkly
Fortunato Icon
Fortunato Turkey Shoot

[1]Both lines were the Invite ID reward for 60 days.

[2]Paragon rares were given out to new accounts.

[3]This has been the only instance where the rewards added up to a 5/5 Epic instead of a 0/5 Epic.

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