Artachsharta Sprite.png
Faridoon Sprite.png
"Anyone have that one fighter?

The one on a horse

with a shield and a spear?"
Boldewin Sprite

Boldewin one of the most infamous fighters in D.O.T.

Sometimes it can be hard to learn names for each fighter in Defender of Texel. There are more than 400 fighters currently so learning the names of all of them can be quite challenging. It's easy to get the first few down; Ashtad, Babak, Artachsharta, and maybe getting the power fodders; Ikuppi and Banunu. If you have been playing for a while you might have even caught a few of the top fighters such as Boldewin,Bit-Nur, or the beautiful Dilgan. If you don't feel like learning 400, 500, or possibly 600 fighter names then I have great news for you. There is a page that has them all written down for you right HERE. Just simply look for the fighter that appears to be what you are looking for and then remember the name, write it down, or copy and paste it wherever you want it. This is a tedious task, but I can assure you the people of the wiki will enjoy it more than you saying, "That one fighter on a horse! You know the one?" (On a side note, there are at the time this page was written at least 25+ fighters on horseback, unless you don't count unicorns as horses).
A few examples of how many Fighters there are on Horseback
Artachsharta Sprite.png
Lila Sprite.png
Ormazd Sprite.png
Mirza Sprite.png
Arnza Sprite.png

Ataneedusu Icon

Red Phoenix

Dilgan Icon

Blue Phoenix

Some fighters have redirects to them if you search for the fighter's attributes. For example, If you want to find Dilgan, who is a blue fire phoenix, but only know that it looks like a phoenix go ahead and search for the word Phoenix and you will be given an option for all phoenix fighters in the game. Some fighters discriptive words are not tied to a redirect, so if you search for something and cannot find it, perhaps when you figure out the name you can add a page redirecting so others can find it.

If, for some reason you can't remember the fighter's name and you are too lazy to look it up yourself, then ask someone in a pm if they can help you locate the fighter. Sometimes looking for a specificate fighter you've seen, but don't know the name of can be difficult. If you need assistance ask someone nice and helpful to aid you, but don't be surprised if they point you to the Fighters_List page on this wiki so you can hunt down the fighter yourself.

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