The following is a list of in-game references and allusions to Defender of Texel players. In many cases these players have been included in Defender of Texel lore by such references - such as making the player's name the name of a fighter. Generally these players are also notable wikipedia or forum members.

List of ReferencesEdit

Event Player Name/Alias Most Active In Reference Explanation
Connect the Dots TechnoMaestro Forum "I'll have a word with Technomaestro then." Direct quote of name in story implicating that he will become a "twofer", someone who is both a Defender and a Texeli fighter.
Connect the Dots Asmodaios Wikipedia "Kibisegi saves his unease for the twofers... Asmodaios was the first, and I have seen more than one she-dragon fork her claws at Sidonai-who-is-to-be-Osmodeus when he passes close." Direct quote of name in story and described as the very first "twofer", someone who is both a Defender and a Texeli fighter. The story mentions the fighter Osmodeus in the same sentence, implying that he may be Asmodaios' fighter form.
Beautiful Dreamers Voider98 Wikipedia Quwha - Nittiatte - Voider The legendary fighter is presumably named after this player and wikipedia contributor.
Beautiful Dreamers Kyurem to the FACE Forum "Cure 'em... To the face." Kyurem to the FACE's name is subtly inserted here as a call and answer passcode to grant access to the hidden town Slight Complication.
Tribal Pursuits Yilun88 Forum "By Yilun's flame, no offense meant!" Yilun is referenced here as a Texel deity. Yilun88 suggests it might be a snark at his condescension of DeNA[1].
Throne of Fire Clocksprocket Wikipedia and Forum Santa Bananu (Gear) The gear description reads "the words "SPROCKET" carved on a tree. Life is a clockwork..." This is a reference to Clocksprocket's username.
#thestruggle A players (?) campaign being mentioned during a dungeon event.

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