This is a list of the nine short stories DeNA released in 2015. They give us the final say on the legend of the Defenders of Texel, telling of the plight of the Hemi, the vastness of Texel, the trauma of war and the relief of an ending.

Short Stories released by eventEdit

  1. The War Within
  2. The Amber Sea
  3. The Clown Jewels
  4. Tribal Pursuits
  5. Beautiful Dreamers
  6. Connect the Dots

The Junebug TalesEdit

These three short stories were published in-game after the final event, Connect the Dots. Written under the pseudonym Annest Blackeye, these official stories illustrate Texel post-war, and explain the motivation for invasion.

  1. The Bridge to Everywhere
  2. Three Years Ago
  3. Begin the Begun

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