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Start: 1 AM PST, October 1st Finish: 10 PM PST, October 7th

Information General Moon over Texel
  • Missions: Linear progression requiring energy to proceed; each complete mission grants a specific reward.
  • Encounters: Battle is initiated; rewards vary depending on encounter type.
  • Marks: Dungeons are divided into Marks of Difficulty, with superior rewards and greater length in higher Marks.
  • Frenzy: An increased rate of a specific encounter type.
  • Missions: M1 has 5; M2 has 8; M3 has 10; M4 has 15
  • Encounters: Normal (Texi/XP), Agaricans (Event Fighters, Power Fodder, XP), Achromedea (Gear, XP), Relic Guardians (Gear, XP)
  • Marks: 1-4
  • Frenzy: "Amok Time!" increase the rate of Agaricans and Anchromedea.
Theme Themes are what each Dungeon is modeled after. They can include: Athenaeum Class-guru

Stadium Class-champ

Sanctum Class-rogue
Edge Fighters are granted "Edge," or stat boosts, accordingly:
  • Theme Edge: Fighters that match the Dungeon's Theme; 200% Specific Edge
  • Retroactive Edge: Fighters introduced in recent Dungeon Events; 130-170% Edge
  • Hero Edge: Fighters introduced in this Dungeon; 400% Edge

Note: Edges stack; a Hero Fighter with a matching Theme will get an 800% Edge.

MoT heroes1

The following gallery shares the story, schedule, and heroes of Moon over Texel.

  • Story
  • Schedule
  • Heroes

The Fighters introduced in Moon over Texel are:

  • Guru Hero!Go to Ello
  • Champ Hero!Go to Mammetun
  • Rogue Hero!Go to Birnam
  • Rank Guru!Go to Gazaar
  • Rank Champ!Go to Caboccia
  • Rank Rogue!Go to Sethre

To Do: Gear, Templates, Invite ID reference, Leaderboard description in "About Dungeon," Event Achievements, Event Builds

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