Players fight in a group (a mob) against another group to gain points and rewards by defeating battle high HP Raid Bosses. 


Since Raid Bosses are Champs, and Champs superior to available Fighter Champs, Champs are relatively useless for dealing significant amounts of damage.

However, their survival rates against Raid Bosses is optimal.

Izdubar and Enheduana are Champs with the Immolate Skill that allow them to deal significant amounts of damage to Raid Bosses.


All-Shot Gurus are ineffective against Raid Bosses.

One-Shot Gurus are relatively effective against Raid Bosses.

However, Guru's relatively low HP may prevent their longevity in fighting Raid Bosses.


Due to the Rogue's generally low attack compared to other classes, the Rogue is ineffective against Raid Bosses.

But Pre-empt All Rogues are effective for Raid Dungeons inhabited by relatively low level enemies and can be used to efficiently sweep through them in little time.


Raid-Focused Warlocks, commonly Paragons, are designed for high performance against Raid Bosses due to their Edge and special Skills.

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