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PvP Event
Started: November 18th 2014

Finish: November 24th 2014


RWYS story

After the event ends, we see the following:


Echelon map

In PvP, there are Brackets. Players are placed in a Bracket Leaderboard which consists of eleven Echelons and a pre-Echelon Phase. Players are promoted through Echelons by gaining points.

Upon reaching 2,000 Points, they are promoted to Echelon VIII, where promotion is determined by bracket battles.

Bracket Battles involve players competing against other bracket players to gain the most points within a day. The people with the most points get rewarded, some remain standing still on the Echelon, and the worst may be demoted to a lower Echelon.

Note: You can be double promoted by placing first in your echelon in this event; for example, if Echelon III will be released the next day, and you are in Echelon V and place 1st, you will be double promoted to Echelon III. However, if you are in Echelon IV and place 1st, you will be promoted to Echelon III.


While journeying in Normal Mode, players will encounter Other Defenders

To battle Other Defenders, you need to spend BP. You can spend 1BP for a non-edged fight, 2BP for a 150% Edge and 120% Points Boost, 3BP for a 200% Edge and a 150% Points Boost.

For each Other Defenders Encounter, there will be a selection of three opponents to battle, each giving an increasing amount of points with difficulty.

Winning all three battles of this Encounter will grant you a "winning streak" bonus.

Getting your winning streak to 30 will reset the win streak count and give you rewards accordingly. However, if you lose a battle, your streak will reset to 0.

Opponent's difficulty are calculated based on the amount of 30-Win Streaks completed.

Occasionally, when encountering other defenders, players will enter a Frenzy, which lasts five minutes. During this time, players will receive double the points when victorious against opponents.

FF frenzy

An addition to this event was a BP Serendipity which would refill your BP at the end of a 3-win streak.

This event saw the return of the Megalomania band. Like the previous event, this band appeared randomly at the end of a 3-win streak, much like Banunurama. The band increases in difficulty and prize potential as your echelon level increases.

Rewards are either Power Fodder or the fighter presented in the line of fighters.

Another returning PvP Battle type is the Banunurama. Occasionally, during PvP battles, players have a chance to encounter a combination of Ikkupi or Banunu and battle them. They are always found on the third battle of an encounter. Winning against a line of three Banunu rewards players with a special prize: ???.

Sybaliths are available through points prizes, and allows you to have a chance to build a legendary at the end of the event.

Event UnitsEdit

The following is a list of all units introduced in this event:

Icon Name Event Fighter Type

Aurignak Icon

Balhib - Haltamti - Aurignak

Leaderboard Reward

Tattie-Bo Icon

Baba-Giga - Hod-Me-Dod - Tattie-Bo

Bracket Reward

Amatokos Icon

Beithys - Cuporis - Amatokos

Points Reward


Ah Mun - Zac Uac Nal - Uac Chuaac Nal

Special Build

During this event the reward for inviting players came from the Cymbidia line.

Event AchievementsEdit

Name Description Reward
Attain a 3-Win Streak! Win 3 consecutive times and prove your staying power in this war game! x1 Beithys
Attain a 10-Win Streak! Win 10 consecutive times and prove your staying power in this war game! x1 Cuporis
Attain a 20-Win Streak! Win 20 consecutive times and prove your staying power in this war game! x1 Baba-Giga
Attain a 30-Win Streak! Win 30 consecutive times and prove your staying power in this war game! x1 Amatokos
Self-Fuse Baba-Giga 1 Time! Fuse together 2 Baba-Gigas! From "FUSE," pick another, identical fighter. x1 Banunu
Evolve Baba-Giga! Metamorphose Baba-Giga into another fighter! Self-fuse to the SEF limit. x3 Banunu

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