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Rogues are a Fighter Type designed to deal preemptive natural, or attack-based, damage.

Statistically, compared to other Fighters, they have higher ATK and AGI.

They will either have a Preempt/Preempt All or Sting/Sting All[1] Skill.


Among the Rogues are the various subclasses of Rogues, based on their differing stat distributions.

The table below references these subclasses.

Class Subclass Characteristics Examples
Class-rogue Balance Balanced ATK and AGI. Preempt/Preempt All Skill Enzuna, Mamarce, Esmellion
Class-rogue AGI-Focus AGI > ATT. Preempt/Preempt All Skill Ironclad, Diurpaneus, Dilgan
Class-rogue ATK-Focus ATK > AGI. Preempt/Preempt All Skill Mehrdad


The below sections state the functionality of Rogue Subclasses in each Event Type.


Due to their high agility, AGI-Focus Rogues are supremely effective in PvP, although cooperatively with another AGI-Focus Rogue due to their low attack.

Due to their preemptive skill, ATK-Focus and Balance Rogues are highly effective in PvP, inferior only to AGI-Focus Rogues and specific Champs.


Due to their preemptive skill and high attack, ATK-Focus Rogues are highly effective in Dungeons.

Due to their preemptive skill and moderately high attack, Balance Rogues are moderately effective in Dungeons.

Due to their preemptive skill and relatively low attack, AGI-Focus Rogues are relatively ineffective in upper Dungeon Marks.


Due to the Rogue's generally low attack compared to other classes, the Rogue is ineffective against Raid Bosses.

Skill CountdownEdit

Rogues are most effective when maximum self-fused, since they have a final Countdown of 0.


  • HP: Increasing a Rogue's HP will increase their longevity.
  • ATK: Increasing a Rogue's attack will increase the effectiveness of their skill. This is highly recommended.
  • DEF: Since defense is a nearly negligible skill, this is not recommended.
  • WIS: Since Rogues will in no way use wisdom, this is not recommended.
  • AGI: Increasing a Rogue's agility will increase their potency in PvP. This is highly recommended.

Since Rogues have higher ATK and AGI, they are also useful as ATK and AGI superfuse fodder.

LG Fighter RankingEdit

Rogues are ranked among Rogues of the same skill and Subclass type.

Ranks indicates the position relative to other Fighters; Grades detail changes and consistencies in stat differences; and Difficulty relates the general difficulty of maximum self-fusing the Fighter.

[E] is Easy; [M] is Medium; [H] is Hard; and [HH] is Insane.

Preempt All (Agility-Focus)
Rank Grade Icon Fighter Difficulty
1 A Diurpaneus Icon Diurpaneus [M]
2 A Ironclad Icon Ironclad [H]
3 A Amaralice Icon Amaralice [E]
4 A Dilgan Icon Dilgan [H]
5 B Fondwell Icon Fondwell [E]
6 B Anti'iikusu Icon Anti'iikusu [E]
Preempt All (Balance)
Rank Grade Icon Fighter Difficulty
1 A Enzuna Icon Enzuna [HH]
2 A Ataneedusu Icon Ataneedusu [H]
3 B Audelinea Icon Audelinea [H]
4 C Goldfleece Icon Goldfleece [M]
Preempt (Balance)
Rank Grade Icon Fighter Difficulty
1 A Mamarce Icon Mamarce [H]
2 A Esmellion Icon Esmellion [H]
3 B Aniasse Icon Aniasse [M]
4 C Aubyzant Icon Aubyzant [E]
Preempt (Agility-Focus)
Rank Grade Icon Fighter Difficulty
1 A Araziia Icon Araziia [E]
2 A Seianti Icon Seianti [E]
3 B Lecne Icon Lecne [E]
Preempt (Attack-Focus)
Rank Grade Icon Fighter Difficulty
1 A Mehrdad Icon Mehrdad [H]
No Sting/Preempt
Rank Grade Icon Fighter Difficulty
1 A Kohinoor Icon Kohinoor [M]
2 A Luckdraw Icon Luckdraw [E]


[1]: Sting/Sting All Rogues function similarly to Gurus. Their rankings can be found on the Gurus page.