Welcome to the Scammers Encyclopedia.

This guide was created to help you know what scams are, types of scams, and how to avoid them.

What is a scam? Edit

Scams are when a trader performs a trade, knowing that they aren't giving the proper stuff. Example of an average scam:

Scammer X offers Player Y a 5/5 Nergal-Sar-Ussur for his 2/2 Nebuchadnezzar. Player Y accepts. Scammer X tells Player Y to put the Nebuchadnezzar up first for his Nergal-Sar-Ussur. Player Y does so. Scammer X accepts, but only has a 0/5 Nergal. Scammer X has scammed a 2/2 Nebuchadnezzar from Player Y.

Types of Scam Edit

SEF Scam: The most basic form of scam, where a scammer simply doesn't give the proper SEF in a trade. IE A scammer offers someone a 5/5 Nergal for their 2/2 Nebu, but only ends up giving a 0/5 Nergal.

Uncommon Scam: In this scam, a scammer makes an offer and puts up an uncommon for the other person's side of the deal. After doing so, the scammer asks the other person to put up an uncommon for the scammer's side of the deal. The scammer never accepts the trade.

Fake Middleman: Fairly prevalent due to the rise of the forum middleman, this involves using Kik [a chat program for apple and android products] to create convincing fakes of known middlemen. After doing so, a scammer offers someone a trade over kik and brings the fake middleman in. After the "middleman" takes both fighters, they escape and the "middleman" gives the scammer both sides of the trade.

How to Avoid Scams Edit

SEF Scam: Sell your high-value fighters for bitters and buy your desired fighter from there.

Uncommon Scam: Tell the scammer to put up the fighter directly for bitters. If they refuse, walk out.

Fake Middleman: This is a fairly powerful scam if you don't know how to tell the difference. On Kik, people have two names: Their display name [the one that appears in chat], and a username [the one that appears in their profie]. If you tap on the display name, the user profile should appear. Also keep in mind that the middleman service was recently suspended, so take all middlemen/women on Kik with a grain of salt. Or the entire salt-shaker.

Notable Scams Edit

Crestic: The former forum middleman, he seized the opportunity to scam one of the largest middleman trades in history, worth over 3000 bitters.

Have fun avoiding scams!

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