Ukani Sprite

Scouts are a Fighter Type designed as a support class with, generally, skills that buff allies or weaken enemies.

Statistically, compared to other Fighters, they have relatively balanced stats.

Examples of their skills include Quicken All and Dispirit.


Since there are only three Epic Scouts, the below sections describes each existing Scout's purpose.

Ukani is a Raid-Focus Scout, meaning his final 1 Countdown Dispirit skill is intended to weaken Raid Bosses so other Fighters in your Levy will survive.

Griefall is a PvP Scout, meaning her final 2 Countdown Quicken All skill is intended to speed up Fighters so they can outspeed the enemy.

Darlghast is a Dungeon Scout, meaning her 3 final Countdown and Shock All skill can be used to be moderately effective up to the middle of Mark 3.


  • HP: This is recommended to increase longevity.
  • ATK: This is recommended to increase potency.
  • DEF: This is not recommended since defense is negligible.
  • WIS: This is not recommended since no existing Scouts use it.
  • AGI: This allows them to perform action before other Fighters in PvP.

Since Scouts do not have astounding or higher than average stats, they are not recommended for superfuse fodder.