Super-Fuse involves fusing a "fodder" fighter with max stats and adding them to the fighter you want to keep.

This is separate from regular fusing or SEF.

How to Super-FuseEdit

To Super-Fuse, follow these instructions.

  1. Home Screen (Upper Left)
  2. Band (Bottom Left)
  3. Fighter (Upper Right)
  4. Select Fighter
  5. Fuse (Bottom)
  6. Super (4th Tab)
  7. Check
  8. Select desired stat
  9. Fuse

The "fodder' fighter's picture will appear as a star next to your fighter.

About Super-FusingEdit

Super-Fusing, fusing a Fighter with a maxed (5/5, 60/60 or 80/80) Fighter, will increase the base stats of the target fighter beyond its natural max limit by 10% or 12% of one of your "fodder" fighter's stat (HP, ATK, DEF, AGI or WIS).

A rare "fodder" will add 10%, while an epic or legendary "fodder" will add 12%.

A fighter at any one time can only have up to 3 Super-Fuses. Once it has 3 Super-Fuses, you can opt to remove and replace a Super-Fuse for different "fodder' fighters. You will be able to choose the super-fusion to overwrite.

What Stat to Super FuseEdit

See each Class's page to see which stat to super fuse into them.

Champ, Guru, Rogue, Warlock, Scout

Also see Edit

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