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Elemental Dungeon Event

Feb. 13th - Feb. 19th



The event consists of a series of three special event dungeons -- Stormcote (Air), Loamden (Earth), and Blazegate (Fire). Each dungeon has three levels of difficulty, and only one dungeon is open a day, except for the last day, when all three are open at the same time.

The event features Thrillers -- a set of exceptionally difficult fighters. Upon encountering a Thriller, a player has the choice to either "fight" or "flee." If a player fails to beat a Thriller group upon selecting fight, they have the choice to revive fighters with GLU and to continue the fight as before, or else exit the dungeon. It's important to note that upon winning against a Thriller, a player will continue the dungeon retaining any damage done (or any dead fighters) from the battle.

As in other Special Dungeon events, two new builds become available. These are Doxite (which is similar to Pixite, but contains some of the new fighters) and Similiths (which will allow you to reincarnate the same fighter it dropped from).

Note: On the last day, similith drops from thrillers increased to 3x the normal rate.

Event UnitsEdit

Fighters receive a SIGN EDGE when they have the same sign (air, earth, or fire) as the current stronghold.

There are also new fighters that receive an automatic HERO EDGE throughout the whole event (note that if the fighters' sign matches the day's dungeon, the edges stack!). These special new fighters are seen here:

TME units

The following is a list of all units introduced in this event:

Welkinborn - Skychild - Celestia (Hero Fighter) [x]
Hollyfly - Verdanza - Witchberry (Hero Fighter) [x]
Enna - Fida - Gela (Hero Fighter) [x]
Aio - Bero - Emeric (Rank Reward) [x]
Sweetbane - Sweetgrief - Tideborn (Rank Reward) [x]
Sillashu - Kurigalzu - Iaazipaa (Rank Reward) [x]

Many of these units drop from doxite and similiths, along with being built in premium builds, earned through missions, or earned as rank rewards.

Rank RewardsEdit

The leaderboard resets daily. Players received fighters based on which dungeon was open that day.
2/13; 2/15: Stormcote: Either the Celestia or Emeric line
2/14; 2/16: Either the Witchberry or Tideborn line
2/15; 2/17: Blazegate: Either the Gela or Iaazipaa line
2/18: All dungeons: All fighter lines above
Players also received Doxite, Aja Leaves, and texi as part of their reward.

Event AchievementsEdit

Name Description Reward
Self-Fuse Enna 1 Time! Fuse together 2 Ennas! From "FUSE,' pick another, identical fighter. x1 Doxite
Evolve Enna! Metamorphose Enna into another fighter! Self-Fuse to the SEF limit. x5 Doxite
Self-Fuse Welkinborn 1 Time! Fuse together 2 Welkinborns! From "FUSE,' pick another, identical fighter. x1 Doxite
Evolve Welkinborn! Metamorphose Welkinborn into another fighter! Self-Fuse to the SEF limit. x5 Doxite
Self-Fuse Hollyfly 1 Time! Fuse together 2 Hollyflys! From "FUSE,' pick another, identical fighter. x1 Doxite
Evolve Hollyfly! Metamorphose Hollyfly into another fighter! Self-Fuse to the SEF limit. x5 Doxite

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