Tribes are the category in which fighters are organized. Fighters belong to either the Xana, Theri, or Hemi tribe.

Xana Tribe-xanaEdit

Azuna the Amberling Icon
"One of the three tribes of Texel, and the most numerous. Human in appearance, the xana consist of three social groups: Proud and authoritarian gallants, impetuous and sybaritic mages, and ascetic barbarians who revere nature."
Udo Icon
The Xana believe that they are the strongest tribe, and think themselves above the other two tribes. Xana are typically humanoids in shape.

Theri Tribe-theriEdit

Nanaya Icon
"The theri are a tribe of dragons, chimera, and other fantastical creatures. Their minds occupied with philosophy and planetary alignments, the theri exude a certain aloofness towards the other two tribes.
Nebuchadnezzar Icon
They have a chilly relationship with the mages, whose caprice they disapprove of."

Theri are typically beast-like in nature.

Hemi Tribe-hemiEdit

Lophidiana Icon
"Offsprings of xana and theri, this third tribe of Texel is the least prosperous and numerous. While not actively mistreated, they occupy the fringes and face continuous repudiation. Gallants, in particular, look askance at hemi."
Cascalynd Icon
Hemi tend to live on the outskirts of civilization. They are typically humanoid hybrids like centaurs. Many possess wings or other beast-like qualities.

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