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Raid Event

Mar. 4th - Mar. 11th


"The EMPYRIONS: Sacred heights home to dragons and DRACOMIS, xana who have achieved symbiosis with the winged theri.
But the potency of their dots has drawn the EXOS. Raids from a nearby base have DECIMATED the dragons, and scattered the survivors.
Some DRACOMIS and DRAGONS yet remained, forced into hiding. Seek them out, and give them the strength to take out the EXO base!"

Upon entering the first event area, Heavenward, Zar has this to say:

"The dracomis are no dragon riders, you understand. Neither one tames nor serves.
This place is overrun with exos of unusual size. If only we could find survivors to join us..."
ToD area2

Upon entering the second event area, Earthfall:

"We're too late; the dragons are broken. Only dots now: Hay for an enemy's pale horse.
They were dragons. We can at least make sure they won't be anything else. Our goal lies ahead!"

Upon entering the third and last event area, Hellbent:

"Look at the size of those exos! The enemy takes many forms: horses, dollies, now giants.
But I know the stories from your world, defender. For every giant, there is a giant-slayer."

After the event:

"The dracomis are a powerful ally. Keep them close and strong; the exos may seek them again..."


This event is a RAID event. Players travel in a special area and encounter RAID BOSSES. When they do, they get the chance to battle these bosses along with 4 other players who encountered the boss at the same time. Players get prizes for dealing the most damage (MVP) along with 2nd and 3rd most, attacking the boss, and finishing the boss' HP. These bosses are fought under the "battle screen" and do not affect the player's health in the journey.

Event UnitsEdit

Certain fighters receive HERO EDGE throughout the event area and against raid bosses. They are the following:

ToD edge

This event also introduced PARAGONS. These are extraordinary fighters which give a huge edge -- in this case, 1000%. They can be gotten through step up tier builds.

ToD paragon

The following is a list of all units introduced in this event:

Knotwood - Cyannis - Goldfleece (Point Reward)
Arte - Caile - Vulca (Paragon)
Cuinte - Rasce - Velthur (Rank Reward)

Rank RewardsEdit

The leaderboard was a week-long leaderboard. Rank rewards included Cuinte, Rasce, and Velthur. Players also received either Voxite or Pixite, Aja Leaves, texi, and crowns.

The following crowns were awarded:
Goldcrown Rank 1-50
Silvercrown Rank 51-300
Bronzecrown Rank 301-2000

Event AchievementsEdit

Name Description Reward
Self-Fuse Knotwood 1 Time! Fuse together 2 Knotwoods! From "FUSE," pick another, identical fighter. x1 Pixite
Evolve Knotwood! Metamorphose Knotwood into another fighter! Self-Fuse to the SEF limit.

x1 Voxite

Self-Fuse Cyanniss 1 Time! Fuse together 2 Cyanniss! From "FUSE," pick another, identical fighter. x1 Voxite
Evolve Cyannis!

Metamorphose Cyannis into another fighter! Self-Fuse to the SEF limit.

x3 Voxite