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Feb. 20th - Feb 27th



Upper Echelons is a PVP event. While journeying, players occasionally run into OTHER DEFENDERS who they can proceed to attack. Players typically get a choice of three opponents to attack, each giving different battle points based on difficulty. If a player wins three matches in a row, they get an extra "winning streak" bonus that grows larger the longer their streak is. If they fail to complete a streak within 9 minutes, or they lose a battle, their streak gets reset to 0.

The event introduces two new features. One is FRENZY. Occasionally while journeying, players will start a frenzy mode which lasts a limited time. During this time, players receive double the points when victorious against opponents.

The second is the bracket leaderboard, which consists of ten echelons (and a pre-echelon phase). Players are promoted through echelons by gaining points. When they reach 2000 points, they are promoted to Echelon VI, which begins bracket battles. In bracket battles, players compete against other players in their bracket to gain the most points within a set period of time. The top points earners get rewarded and may advance to the next echelon. Users who do poorly may get demoted to a lower echelon. The echelons are shown to the right. This event can be very frustrating, if you are ever in short of bp think of saving up and using your free ones, save up for when your streak starts to reach 21 and your foes become much harder.
Note: You can get double promoted by placing first in your echelon. You will only be promoted up to the highest bracket that has been opened. For example, if echelon 3 opens up the next day, and you are in echelon 5 and place 1st, you will be promoted to echelon 3. However, if you are in echelon 4, you will only be promoted once to echelon 3. 


Event UnitsEdit

There are no units who receive an edge bonus in this event. However, this event introduced several new fighters. They are:

Heartgnaw - Lilamurine - Fainglory (Points Reward) [x]
Brasus - Mucapor - Zalmoxis (Brackets Reward) [x]
Laqip - Diipaa'ni - Ataneedusu (Points & Rank Reward)

During the event, a few other lines were introduced. These fighters were added to the list of fighters that can be pulled from Pixite, Voxite, or Premium Builds:
Bolefang - Brickfoot - Bronzenail
Halflight - Darkbegone - Darlghast
Heartcloven - Fourleaf - Luckdraw

Rank RewardsEdit

Starting 2/21/2013, rewards were given out in each bracket.

The event also had a persistent rank leaderboard. Players were rewarded Laqip, Diipaa'ni, or Ataneedusu fighters, along with voxite or pixite, aja leaves, and texi.

The following crowns were given out:
Goldcrown Rank 1-50
Silvercrown Rank 51-300
Bronzecrown Rank 301-2000


Once the event finished, the following message from Zar appeared on the event page:

UE end