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    Dear Texelians

    October 16, 2013 by Asmodaios

    Generally, a goodbye letter to a large community consists of an exposition relating the person's identity and experiences, as well as their reason for leaving and their final thoughts.

    So, I'd like to follow the appropriate format and present to you my one and only: Good Bye Letter.

    Note: Much of what follows is written by someone you probably don't know or care about, so...

    TL;DR: Administrator is quitting. He told his story involving the game. He left a to-do list for new editors at the bottom.

    Origin Statistics

    In-Game Username: Asmodaios

    In-Game Origin: Began during late Belly of the Beast

    Forum Username: Asmodaios

    Forum Origin: 100th User.

    Wikia Username: Asmodaios

    Wikia Origin: Began in late February.


    I've been with this Texelian community …

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    June 13, 2013 by Asmodaios

    In my last blog post, I forgot to cite Clocky so she glared at me even though I meant it as something she could spam people who made the jokes with >_

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    Fighter Name Origin

    June 3, 2013 by Asmodaios

    Where do Fighter Names come from?

    Do they mash their (body part) on the keyboard?

    Do they throw alphabet soup at the wall?

    Do they draw letters from a bag and put them together?

    Do they get intoxicated and blurt out mumbo-jumbo and take notes?


    Each Tribe has a Name Origin:

    • Xana - Persian Names
      • Zalmoxis (Xana): Wikipedia Article
    • Hemi - Compounds of English Words
      • Tideborn (Hemi)
      • Cloudshard (Hemi)
      • Noosewane (Hemi)
    • Theri - Babylonian/Macedonian Names
      • Izdubar (Theri): Wikipedia Article

    Take a quick google of your favorite Fighter and comment about where they're coming from!

    Source: Clocksprocket

    Also to be used as a quick link for anyone who makes the above jokes or some variation in Clocky's presence.

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