Introduction: ~ Legendary and Clocky ~

In my last blog post, I forgot to cite Clocky so she glared at me even though I meant it as something she could spam people who made the jokes with >_<;.

Anywho, today we're going to discuss the introduction of the first ((Legendary)): Nebuchadnezzar.

Etymology: ~ Origin of Names ~

Usually, we only take a look at the final form of the fighter's name: Nebuchadnezzar.

However, I've decided to be thorough and completely analyze every name is his evolutionary line, from start to finish.

Rare: Serakh

  • For those of you unfamiliar with the Bible, you will have no idea what I am saying and I will not espouse it to you because you know how to use google.
  • Daughter of Asher (Son of Jacob) ~ Among those who migrated from Canaan to Egypt 
  • She was the only female named in the line of Jacob for that section of the Bible.

Epic: Maskim

  • In Babylonian cult tradition, Maskim was the seven evil spirits who brought torment to humanity.

Legendary: Nebuchadnezzar

  • King of Neo-Babylonian Empire.
  • Conquered Judah/Jerusalem.
  • Sent Jews into exile.
  • Built the hanging gardens of Babylon.

In-Game Analysis: ~ Statistics and Impact ~

His statistics are vastly superior to Malakhloros in every way, clearly, as he is Legendary.

He is a Champ class, and this means he is still vulnerable to Gurus and partially to Rogues (though less so than his Epic Champ counterparts).

Basically, send your Rogues to soften him up and Gurus to send him packing.

However, he is the best Champ and eats all Champs for breakfast.

In regards to the game itself, the introduction of a Legendary is blatant power creep.

It brings up several questions like:

  • Legendary Rogue?
  • Legendary Guru?
  • How will the aforementioned affect the balance of power?

We'll have to see.

Leave your thoughts below.

I credit Clocky even though I made this one up on my own =w=

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