Dear Defenders,

   The time has come... for what appears to be the end of the beautiful game that we all love. For years we've played played side by side in hosts as well as against each other for the top ranks. But it doesn't matter wether we fought against one another or fought as an united group, what matters is the community, no the family, this game has created. And now this family, that arose from nothing but strengthened by friendship, is threatened. We could just sit around and let this happen... but what good will that do when everything we love is gone? Now is the time we step up and make aware our passion for this game. A player known as Bulletproof377 recently made mention about a petition going up to voice our concerns. I do know that many players went in together to start this up, but the person that the petition is under is known as Ryan Silas. I urge each and every one of you to go and sign this petition, and not only that, share it to others. Let this petition spread like wildfire, then and only then we will have a shot at keeping this wonderful family together.

Untied we stand - Divided we fall,


-The Petition-

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