Hello there everyone!

I'm Clocks, and recently we've been in the making of a template for fighters pages (done by evolutionary line, as that seems to make the most sense at a glance) and our first example is the Ashtad - Babak - Artachsharta line! What I want you to do is to check it out and give feedback -- does it look good? What information would you add? Would you move something elsewhere?

How it Works

The pages will be created using a template -- this template, in fact! To start a new page, all you will need to do is copy-paste the code for the template and fill out the appropriate parameters in source mode, following instructions. Anything you don't know can be left blank and will automatically be filled in. This will allow us to have uniform pages and will allow you to edit information fast without having to deal with too much wiki code.


The nice thing about templates is that they allow us to change, add, or get rid of things, and the changes will affect all of the pages using the template. So as long as we include the same parameters (for example, min stats, max stats, name, icon) then we can move those things around without worrying about loss of information.

What I want now is feedback on what the pages should include before we finalize the template. One thing I've already heard about is color swap comparison charts. I've already looked into how to make a collapsible chart (which you can see somewhere here) but at the moment this is a bit difficult because there are so many stats we don't have filled in yet, that it would look very sparse. That said, this would be possible to put in and edit later, or to edit individually into the pages that appear to need it. One other thing I can think of is the inclusion of the summary at the beginning, or at the very end. Any other opinions are very welcome!

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