So I haven't been around for awhile. Unfortunately, the only other admin still left that used to be active (Asmodaios) also quit awhile back, so it was just me again for a couple months.

I've since lost the interest in editing / keeping up with the wiki. While I love the wiki community (specifically wiki chat!) I don't have the time to babysit event pages / create all the new fighter pages / etc.

Luckily in the past couple of months, there have been a few people who have been consistently good at editing. They know where to find the proper info, how to get the pictures, how to edit pages that other people don't need to re-edit to fix, etc.

I am here to announce that I have made Voider98 a new administrator so that he may take on admin duties such as editing wiki navigation and the front page and all that. It is my hope that this keeps the wiki going for awhile. I can still be contacted by forums PM or on kik at clocksprocket if need be. While I'll still be around, I won't be a heavy contributor.

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