So a certain strange young man named Asmodaios has convinced my to write a story about some of our favorite texeli. I have been considering this and have come up with some pretty interesting ideas for the story. If anyone thinks that this would be a good idea, let me know, I will be posting it here on my Wiki wall in the blog section. I will most likely rename and edit this blog here in order for you to view it. If anyone has ideas feel free to shoot them my way. So far it is still just a seed, but I plan for this to become a grea tree of stories that entertwine wonderously in a marvelous display of writing. Hopefully you will enjoy it when it is released.

Now I won't be giving anything substantial away at this point, but I will give you this:

             There are two stories within this tale told through 
             the eyes of a young Ihsan who tells the happenings 
             of his tribe and their quest to keep the earth safe and 
             under rule of those who care for it, while the other story 
             is told through a young soldier, Lance the Larce, who 
             is a soldier under the command of Master Boldewin. 
             What is Master Boldewin's true intentions? How exactly 
             will they affect those of the earth like Ihsan and the 
             barbaric tribe he serves? You will have to read to find
             out. Keep an eye out for this thrilling tale and I hope 
             you look forward to unravelling the mysteries! See you Soon!

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