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    I spent these last couple days collecting all the past event data for a separate project of mine.

    With the help of a lot of older players, I managed to collect all the data. I'm going to post the finding now. (SPECIAL THANKS TO Bestilo and iNaoki!) Helped me A LOT

    The Timeline on History Page was something missing on passed Event The First Event is

    1st (the first Raid Boss and the first event of the game) Dot of Midnight :

    no mob fight, nothing special just walk and find Boss and Slay them

    every Reward Hero can obtain from build for

    1st prize Neversaw, Anti-Warqrat and Jamshad

    2nd (the first Tribe Dungeon) there were missing on History Page the event name is Three Tribes :

        • the first time they release Roxite
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    Mentioned it in the forum but though I should mention that I'm not going to be here for 1~3 Days (Including Today)

    Enjoy Yourselves :3

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    It would seem that while all of the defenders are sleeping, some of the fighters of Texel leave this world and venture off to new ones. I suspect that they meant to do this in secret.

    Unfortunately for them, I happen to be nocturnal(and diurnal) and happened to catch one of them leaving this world.

    After following the individual, I was surprised and amazed to discover what they had been hiding from us the whole time, their original forms.

    I've been stalking/following some of these fighters for a while now in an effort to capture them with a camera and at LAST, I have finally done it.

    Take a look at their mysterious new forms in a mysterious new world.

    Amazingly, I confronted this warrior and to my surprise I was not devoured. We soon became friend…

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    Welcome D.O.T. players. I'm Educatedcollins

    This issue has been bothering me about "Min and Max" stats in the Fighter pages and the new Evolution pages.

    The issue is that it is going to be very rare and impractical to only list the "true" Max stats of champions. As we all know, getting an Epic and even some Rares can be ridiculously hard to find. However, once a person gets even 1 copy of a powerful Rare or Epic, most likely they would start to use it. If they came to this wiki to check it's strenght at Max level even for that 0/5 copy, they would be disappointed to find that we do not actually have any information of it's strenght at that level and the only information that we do carry is if they found 3 or 4 MORE copies of that same creatu…

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    March 22, 2013 by Educatedcollins
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