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This issue has been bothering me about "Min and Max" stats in the Fighter pages and the new Evolution pages.

The issue is that it is going to be very rare and impractical to only list the "true" Max stats of champions. As we all know, getting an Epic and even some Rares can be ridiculously hard to find. However, once a person gets even 1 copy of a powerful Rare or Epic, most likely they would start to use it. If they came to this wiki to check it's strenght at Max level even for that 0/5 copy, they would be disappointed to find that we do not actually have any information of it's strenght at that level and the only information that we do carry is if they found 3 or 4 MORE copies of that same creature even though it took them forever to get just 1. That why I think it would be really benefical to include a Max stat for all creatures at 0/5 SEF and also keep the "true" Max stat. It would be really benefical and practical for pretty much ALL Epics and would help update our wiki as getting the 0/5 Max stat of a champion is a lot more doable as oppose to a 5/5 SEF Epic. I think it would look something like this...

Max 05 Stats

In between the Min and Max stats would be another stat called Max 0/5 and we could also use this line to see how much more power a champion would gain by SEF 4 more copies or if it is more practical to just keep those extra copies.  

I think this would be very helpful to beginners and experts alike as it provides a more detailed look at every character. I also think that it would be best to impliment this in the Evolution line pages and not as much the fighter pages because the Evolution line is suppose to represent a more detailed look at a character. It should be implimented quickly before everyone starts making new Evolution line pages so that we would not have to go and fix all the previously made Evolution pages.  I hope this change will make the wiki a more useful and understandable source for players.  

Any thoughts, comments, idea or criticisms? I'm opened to it all.

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