I spent these last couple days collecting all the past event data for a separate project of mine.

With the help of a lot of older players, I managed to collect all the data. I'm going to post the finding now. (SPECIAL THANKS TO Bestilo and iNaoki!) Helped me A LOT

The Timeline on History Page was something missing on passed Event The First Event is

1st (the first Raid Boss and the first event of the game) Dot of Midnight :

no mob fight, nothing special just walk and find Boss and Slay them

every Reward Hero can obtain from build for

1st prize Neversaw, Anti-Warqrat and Jamshad

2nd (the first Tribe Dungeon) there were missing on History Page the event name is Three Tribes :

      • the first time they release Roxite << not sure there name the purple stone drop only fighter from event

Mark III of Theri Tribe Taimat and Suusaandar was on Mark I-II

Mark III of Hemi Tribe Jinxan and Braveburn was on Mark I-II

Mark III of Xana Tribe Machild and Ormzrd was on Mark I-II

3th (the first Element Dungeon) Sign & Seals  :

      • Roxite changed to Doxite this Event

Mark III of Fire Dungeon Attii-kusu and Flamewinder was on Mark I-II

Mark III of Water Dungeon Iudith and Sybullume was on Mark I-II

Mark III of Light Dungeon Amberander and Hera was on Mark I-II

4th (the first PVP Event) War Game :

Evenglory as score reward

Haydar as Leaderboard Prize

5th (Tribe Dungeon) Mirror, Mirror : nothing release for Mark I-II but the doxite drop Suusaandar, Braveburn and Ormzrd line again

Mark III of Xana Theodi

Mark III of Hemi Esmeillion

Mark III of Theri Gemeti

6th (Raid Boss and first Mob fight event) Belly of the Beast Leaderboard prize : Wigo

Mob fight prize : Tauthe, Labashi and Vermilitas

event build : Zyraxes, Karopithla and Seianti

7th (Element Dungeon) The Might Elements

first time they release Thriller

Mark III of Earth Tideborn and Witchberry was on Mark I-II

Mark III of Wind Emeric and Calestia was on Mark I-II

Mark III of Fire Iaazipaa and Gela was on Mark I-II

8th (Pvp Event and first Bracket fight) Upper Echelons :

Fainglory as score reward

Zalmoxis as Bracket reward

Ataneedusu as Leaderboard prize

9th (Type Dungeon but not catagory type yet) Arts & Crafts

Mark III of Rogue Ironclad

Mark III of Guru Boldewin

event build : Herard and Araziia

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