Dear Fellow Defenders, I'm Educatedcollins

It would seem that while all of the defenders are sleeping, some of the fighters of Texel leave this world and venture off to new ones. I suspect that they meant to do this in secret.

Unfortunately for them, I happen to be nocturnal(and diurnal) and happened to catch one of them leaving this world.

After following the individual, I was surprised and amazed to discover what they had been hiding from us the whole time, their original forms.

I've been stalking/following some of these fighters for a while now in an effort to capture them with a camera and at LAST, I have finally done it.

Take a look at their mysterious new forms in a mysterious new world.

File:My Malakhloros.jpg

Amazingly, I confronted this warrior and to my surprise I was not devoured. We soon became friends and went back to the world of Texel together. When we reached our similar world, he reverted back to his pixelated form and soon he joined my party.

I hope you found their new forms interesting and even exciting.

P.S. These were not all the pictures that I captured, however these images were the most convincing ones as they share a fascinating similarity with their pixelated forms.

Maybe in time I shall reveal the others but I hope that you enjoyed this journey with me. I may once again follow them into their mysterious world and bring back more stories but for now...

Enjoy the World of Texel and Welcome to the Wikia!

~~Collins, The Educated

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