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    Name Description Priority Effect Example
    Flodd A WATER hex that wreaks havoc with a foe's hydrolyzer. 3rd Deals WIS-based damage. Commonly found on water fighters. None
    Flodd All A WATER hex that wreaks havoc with every foe's hydrolyzer. 3rd Like Flodd, but attacks all enemies. N/A
    Smite All The SMITE brings down potent wrath on every foe. 3rd Like Smite, but attacks all enemies.

    Rock Forget the paper and scissors--shake all foes with this fist of fury. 3rd Acts like a more powerful Smite. N/A
    Nova What was lost lives again, long enough to bring low a foe. 3rd See Smite. N/A
    Ensorcel Runes go what's writ for you is a tale of woe. 3rd Acts like Smite and has a low chance to Matchmaker All. N/A
    Enflame A FIRE hex which sows a seed of…

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    Name Description Activates Effect Example
    Smite All The SMITE brings down potent wrath on every foe. 3rd Like Smite, but attacks all enemies. Read more >
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    Fighter Page Mock Up

    October 4, 2016 by Elise Serket

    Where we can hide the fact that there's no animation
    Dub Anugia Kibisegi
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    Tabs Mock Up

    October 3, 2016 by Elise Serket

    }} }.gif| - Anim.=


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    Testing Skills Page

    March 31, 2016 by Elise Serket

    Note: See Category:Skills to see all other skill subcategories.

    Most advanced fighters have skills. Skills have the following main components:

    • Type: Skills can be either natural or magical.
      • Natural skills use a fighter's attack and defense stats when activated.
      • Magical skills use a fighter's wisdom stat when activated.
      • Support skills increase or decrease a fighter's stats based on a percentage of that stat's current amount. Does not rely on any attributes (i.e. WIS).
      • Special skills use a unique method to calculate effects.
    • PROC count: This is the time it takes for a skill to be activated in battle. Each time a fighter is included in a battle line, the proc counter goes down by one. When the proc counter reaches zero, the fighter's skill is able to be used.
    • St…

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