• Eternalspeed

    Intro: The idea first came to me a few months ago when I went through a phase of being crazy about inspirit users. The current skill page tells us that Inspirit buffs work by 13% for novice, 30% for adept and 60% for elite (at max sef). While I played the game and gradually improved my band I started keeping track of damage outputs of my fighters and noticed a similar trend from skills. The first thing you have to realize is that there is an initial damage calculation for the attack, and the skill is bonus damage. 

    Initial test subject: Malakhloros, SF: 5/5, Level: 80/80 ,Attack Strength: 5187

    -Depending on the defense of enemy damage output was 1700s-2100s. By mathematic calculations we can conclude this is 32-40% of his attack strength. For…

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