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  • Gyumaou

    quick updates, new pages

    February 13, 2013 by Gyumaou

    a quick note about some changes --

    There is now a central event listing located at -- Events. The main purpose of this article is to provide a list of all events in D.O.T. -- names, types, start/end dates. Each entry in that list will link to an individual event article which will host all the detailed info. 

    Obviously, the event pages need work. Current content for most just includes screens from the event info panels. Seems a little unnecessary, since we all can access that info in-game. If anyone's up to the task of providing some short text descriptions that would be of great help to the wiki:

    • a brief synopsis of the story (if any), just a few lines
      • e.g. belly of the beast involved Exos flying in on two ships and abducting people of Texel…

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  • Gyumaou

    After a brief break the wiki has gone through some more changes! 

    The biggest update is the resurrection of the Fighters page, now with a comprehensive (and sortable!) comparison of all fighters available in the game! Obviously, this is a ton of work for a single person, so for now only the framework and some fighter details (names, rarities, tribes, signs) are filled in. Most stats are still blank, so it's time for y'all to fill it in, you know you want to!

    The Catalog page is still where it was, and has been updated with several new fighters, approx 1/4 of the fighters still need to be added.

    Other changes:

    • new badge templates:
      • These behave the same as the previous , , , and templates. For more info see the respective template pages.


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  • Gyumaou

    This wiki is barely off the ground, with only 8 or so pages and about as many users. But this will change soon, and this post will draw a rough sketch of the changes to come.

    • The Catalog page is being constantly updated with new fighters, and will likely undergo a few design changes to make it easy to use and looking neat.
    • The Fighters page will be brought back with a sortable listing of all fighters along with their details.
    • Each fighter will also get their own page, with a stat breakdown, and other content (to be determined).
    • We're looking for volunteers to contribute the following:
      • gameplay vids
      • reviews
      • event coverage/descriptions

    And really, anything else you think might be relevant, bring it on!

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