After a brief break the wiki has gone through some more changes! 

The biggest update is the resurrection of the Fighters page, now with a comprehensive (and sortable!) comparison of all fighters available in the game! Obviously, this is a ton of work for a single person, so for now only the framework and some fighter details (names, rarities, tribes, signs) are filled in. Most stats are still blank, so it's time for y'all to fill it in, you know you want to!

The Catalog page is still where it was, and has been updated with several new fighters, approx 1/4 of the fighters still need to be added.

Other changes:

  • new badge templates:
    • These behave the same as the previous {{common}}, {{uncommon}}, {{rare}}, and {{epic}} templates. For more info see the respective template pages.
Wikitext {{Hemi}} {{Xana}} {{Theri}} {{Air}} {{Earth}} {{Fire}} {{Lightning}} {{Water}}
Effect Tribe-hemi Tribe-xana Tribe-theri Sign-air Sign-earth Sign-fire Sign-lightning Sign-water

Revised to-do list:

  • writeup on:
    • skills
    • gear
    • items
  • fighter pages (see below)
  • navigation updates
  • Catalog updates and improvements

Finally, there've been comments expressing demand for individual pages for each fighter (in fact, that's what I originally planned to start) -- however, what would those pages contain? A simple screenshot? already in Catalog. A full stat progression? Needs tons of effort, would it even be useful? Stat ranges? Already planned in Fighters for easy comparison. So here's a poll, lets see what y'all think:

Do we need individual pages for each fighter?

The poll was created at 18:09 on February 7, 2013, and so far 30 people voted.

Comment what you think, share ideas what the pages might contain, etc!

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