a quick note about some changes --

There is now a central event listing located at -- Events. The main purpose of this article is to provide a list of all events in D.O.T. -- names, types, start/end dates. Each entry in that list will link to an individual event article which will host all the detailed info. 

Obviously, the event pages need work. Current content for most just includes screens from the event info panels. Seems a little unnecessary, since we all can access that info in-game. If anyone's up to the task of providing some short text descriptions that would be of great help to the wiki:

  • a brief synopsis of the story (if any), just a few lines
    • e.g. belly of the beast involved Exos flying in on two ships and abducting people of Texel. Defenders had to infiltrate the ships in an attempt to fight off this invasion and discover Exos' plans.
  • event type description
    • e.g. the current one seems to be -- an elemental dungeon-type event with 3 areas (air, earth, fire) and 3 difficulty levels. random boss fights occur while exploring (Thrills).
  • start and end dates,
  • any new fighters added for this event, are they limited edition only available during event?
  • edge fighters
    • hero, whatever. who gets bonuses, and what are they.
  • prize structure overview
    • daily leaderboards? overall leaderboards? point milestones?

also, the Fighters page is being upgraded with extra sorting and filtering functionality, sparked by this discussion. Details on what is currently implemented and how to get it working for yourself can be found here. Once this is improved some more I will seek Naterade's approval to make this wiki-wide and available for all.

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