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  • Jamesericmason

    You can see my thread here:

    But yeah, I'm done. I'm not gonna put up with this kind of garbage grindplay. Solitaire is more engaging than this.

    On a brighter note, come play a game run by a company that makes DeNA look like child rapists by comparison.

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  • Jamesericmason

    Okay, So I updated the Fighters page with the sprite icons form the game, I also increased their size by 10pixels to 40px so they are a bit clearer. But there is a slight problem, there is one icon I can't get, because I haven't seen it and it's not tradeable. That's Coiltress. If anyone has her let me know so I can download a picture of it by viewing it in your profile.

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  • Jamesericmason

    New Templates

    March 26, 2013 by Jamesericmason

    Hey all, I've made a new template that allows you to add an exclamation image that has a mouseover tool tip explaining that a stat is an estimated number.


    To use it simply type:

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  • Jamesericmason

    We just made new pages for the first three Story Mode Areas, but now we need your help!

    Zar, the talking hand, gives you a one time message the firs time you enter an area or defeat a boss, and this is where we need your help. If you enter one of these areas for the first time, capture a screenshot of what Zar says and add it to the area page it belongs to:

    • Honor and Duty
    • Fish nor Fowl
    • Sleight of Hand

    Please help us as since you can only view the message once, we're reliant on people who haven't been to these areas before for aid.

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