aka Jared

  • I live in Cali
  • I was born on September 19
  • My occupation is In-N-Out
  • I am Male
  • LDieTrying

    I recently acquired my 5th Bronze crown. I'm happy about it, but also dissapointed, I was very very close to getting Silver, but my fighters were not good enough to clear through the vent, and I had ran out of resources. 

    The urge to do something, anything in a very spontaneous way seems to be what I know realize has led to all these Bronze crowns. 

    I sell a fighter or use all my texi just to get some Bitters and then I realize I'd down farther than I started, but I can't reverse my actions and now I have to rebuild. Trading frenzy has a big part of it too, of course you can get some good deals, but after you realize you've overpriced a lot of your fighters and used up all your offers. And now that the frenzy has settle people know the true …

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