THE ALPHA IS LIVE! To play the game, download the apk from the forums after making an account there! ENJOY! :3

Hello everyone, I am updating this blog post because it has become HEAVILY outdated. The project has changed overtime and I feel it is necessary to keep the information here up-to-date.

Currently we are working on many updates, such as a new project called the Daily Shop, new Events and Story campaigns, and even Trading. Please join the Discord to see all our current progress! - Elise

Contrary to what I decided in May 2015, I am renaming the project from "DOT: Offline" to "DOT: Online", simply because I have decided to make the game fully online like the original without any offline capabilities.
As usual, post any questions or suggestions in the comments below. =)

Some questions you might have:

Will this be a clone of the official DOT game?===

Basically, yes. Obviously, mechanics will be tweaked here and there, and some fighters will be buffed/nerfed as our team sees fit.
So what's different now?
Fighter fusion is going to be included. This means SEFing, foddering, leveling, and evolving your fighters. This also means we will be including ALL 1756+ fighters from the original in DOT: Online. The majority of people who voted on the poll about including fighter fusion or not on the forums way back in the day wanted this in the game. So, I am including it!
However, fighters will not all be available from the start. They will be released in weekly (or biweekly, depending on time and the playerbase) events. Each event will have the usual of ~4-6 fighter lines released. That means a total of ~12-18 new fighters per event. Note that regular events will not run right off the bat with the release of the DOT:O Alpha. There will be a special Alpha event instead.
Builds will also be included in-game. However there will be no paid builds, but the concept of the paid builds will remain, ie. players will be able to perform 'paid builds' with in-game items instead of real money.
Another important change: The Wall and in-game forums are going to be removed. Currently there is nothing planned for in-game communication (However there are web forums. More on them below.).
Trading will not be included in the Alpha. It will be added in future updates, so look forward to that.

Will the game be free? And where will I be able to download it once it is released?

Yes. The game will be 100% free-to-play!
Once released, DOT: Online will NOT be uploaded to places such as the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. It will be available to download on the official DOT:O forums and a manual install will be required. Instructions on how to manually install an app on your phone will be uploaded along with the app once it is released. Note that you will have to create a forum account in order to access the app download. DOT:O will also require Android 5.0+ to run (this may change in the future). iOS requirements still currently unknown.

New DOT:O forums? What??

In case you haven't heard yet, I have set up a forum for DOT: Online once it gets released. Forum registration is restricted at the moment, meaning that if you register I will need to manually approve you in order for the registration to be completed. I will not be approving registrations before the alpha is released. After the alpha is released however, forum registration will be open and you can register without needing me to approve it.

Visit the DOT:O forums

What do you have done so far?

Things I have done so far:
- Register/Login to user account
- 2-step authentication
- Battle system
- Upload/update user avatar
- Band screen
- Fighter inventory
- Storing/retrieving fighter data
- Journey
- Boss battles
- Item inventory
- Fusion
- Builds

Note that this list may be incomplete.

What are you currently/going to be working on?

Oh, a lot of things.
Currently working on:
- User-user interaction
- And more...

Estimated time of release?

I am aiming to release the alpha for Android around Spring/Summer 2017. There will very possibly be delays that will push the release back, so keep that in mind.
Release for the alpha on iOS will be around 4 weeks after Android alpha release (no guarantees).

Who's working on this? Who's on the dev team?

The development of DOT: Online is managed by five individuals. They are, in order of join date:

Founder and project leader of DOT: Online. Works on the main game, story and game concepts.
Aka Lambo, DesuMasuta.
Joined May 2015.
Lambo's Wikia Profile: User:LamboOwner69

Elise Serket
Dubbed the moral support of the team. Works on story and game concepts.
Aka Elise.
Joined October 2015.
Elise's Wikia Profile: User:Elise_Serket

Assistant coder for fighter information. Works on story and game concepts.
Aka Monkey.
Joined November 2015.
Monkey's Wikia Profile: User:Monkey1772

Pre-alpha tester and assistant coder for fighter information. Works on story and game concepts.
Aka Pheenix.
Joined March 2016.
Pheenix's Wikia Profile: User:Pheenix23

Manages TCT and main coder for fighter information. Works on story and game concepts.
Aka Khief.
Joined July 2016.
Khief's Wikia Profile: User:KhiefTitan

Feel free to contact any one of us by posting on our Wikia message walls or by replying to this blog post.

My question was not listed...?

Post it here and I (or any other member of the dev team) will try to give you the info. Please read through this post and the comments before asking a question. It will save the page from being spammed with multiple identical questions.

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