I was thinking of a mashup of Siege events, Mob Raids, and PvP. I would call it WARFARE!


Warfare events are a team PvP event. 4 groups (Battalions) will compete for the primacy prize. The battalion with the most points wins the primacy prize, and everyone in the winning battalion gets the primacy prize. The primacy prizes are very valuable.


Warfare events would only happen once every 2 cycles of event cycles, taking the place of a siege event. The event cycle would be like..

    Mob Raid -> Dungeon -> Siege (Warfare every 2 other times) -> PvP -> Repeat (That's how it's like?)

Siege Parts

There are 5 ranks, as there are types of ranks (Like in sieges: Clay, Golden, Brazen, Crystal, etc). BP is used to fight other players defending their castle. There are 3 paths to take (Easy, medium, hard) that you can choose to fight other players. After 1 fight of 3, your fighters are not healed, unlike PvP events. There are a total of 30 sentries (Interlopers) that will guard their castle. Once the interlopers have been defeated, there will be 5 minutes to do as much damage to their castle (5,000,000 HP). Once an opposing oppenent's castle has been destroyed, the Battalion that deals the most damage gets 75% of the points given. The clinching Battalion gets 20%, and the remaining 5% of points is divided among the 3 other battalions, except for the battalion whose castle was destroyed.

I will add on more to this blog post!!

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