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    Complaints 1

    July 25, 2013 by Syncronard

    As I play and enjoy this game I always run into complaints, some petty some serious. So I decided to place my 2 cents on some of these complaints, because everyone like my opinion (i wish)

    1. Lame point rewards in general:

    I consider this petty because point rewards are relatively easy to obtain so what do you expect, a super unstoppable legendary fighter for 10 points? Get real 

    2. Old events were better:

    Well...this is true, but its better this way than before. I events nowadays were as good as back then, then we'd have a ridiculous power creep with broken gears and every new creature being stronger than the last making older creatures near obsolete, plus old gear was game breaking (Do you want to live in a world where Boldewin dominates theā€¦

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  • Syncronard

    Good bye

    June 18, 2013 by Syncronard

    I was fun playing, but I've gotten quite annoyed with the games changes, weak events and toll on my android phone so I guess this is it. For fear that i might return I won't give away my stuff, so for now cya

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