• Syzygistic

    I wonder if I am the only one that sees a big jump in difficulty of the Witch during these relic events.  I am class 450, and I have a few 5/5 epics.  I can consistently defeat the witch using 0 bits on 2 star and 3 star level 6.  It usually takes me 3 rows to finish her. 

    As soon as I hit 3 star level 7, it takes me 2 whole battles to defeat the witch.  I'm talking all 3 lines 3 times then i have to fight her again.  That seems to be the spot on all dungeons and has happened to me on the last few events of this type.

    I just wish that the difficulty was scaled a little better.  By that I mean that the witch should get increasingly more difficult, but not jump huge leaps and bounds in hit points.  She should get more hit points each round, bu…

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  • Syzygistic

    Today, I hit 2 banunuramas in the same 3 fight string, the first and third fight.  I know I was on a three fight battle, 2 deep, and I let it expire by accident.  When I moved again it triggered another PVP fight string with the first being a banunurama.  Then, to my surprise, the last fight was also a banunurama.  My guess is the third fight of my expired battle was going to be a banunurama, and it just carried over through the time out phase to my next PVP battle string. 

    Both fights were the same 1 banunu and 2 ikkupi, but I was still stoked that it happened!!  Has this happened to anyone else?

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  • Syzygistic


    July 10, 2013 by Syzygistic

    I love this new surprise feature, and I have been luck enough to fight them twice this event so far. I encountered my Banunurama while not in freny, but it was the 3rd fight. A banunu head jumps out of the right side of the screen, tempting you to scroll over and see the fight. I think it is a little funny that you could all out edge the fight also.   The rewards for the mixed lines seem to be the banunu/ikkupi you fought, 5 tyxite, and 1 nux bit.

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  • Syzygistic

    I guess I would have liked to see a better split of the reward rares for the the final day in the lower brackets.  Keep in mind, I'm only talking units. This is the current distro:

    • 301-500: 2 Nin-Gelal
    • 501-1000:  2 Broadbene
    • 1001-3000: 1 Broadbene
    • 3001-5000: 1 Broadbene

    Okay, so 2 Nin-Gelal would be nice, but it hard to rank that well without saving up or buying in.  Im not saying it cant be done, just very difficult for me at the moment.  So then I get to look forward to Broadbene?  Really, the big pink guy is the final reward for 501-5000?  They couldn't have mixed it up a bit?  Maybe thrown in 1 different unit?  I am not opposed in the least to broadening the units in the rewards, maybe the following:

    • 301-500: 2 Nin-Gelal and 2 Broadbene 2 Bi…

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