I wonder if I am the only one that sees a big jump in difficulty of the Witch during these relic events.  I am class 450, and I have a few 5/5 epics.  I can consistently defeat the witch using 0 bits on 2 star and 3 star level 6.  It usually takes me 3 rows to finish her. 

As soon as I hit 3 star level 7, it takes me 2 whole battles to defeat the witch.  I'm talking all 3 lines 3 times then i have to fight her again.  That seems to be the spot on all dungeons and has happened to me on the last few events of this type.

I just wish that the difficulty was scaled a little better.  By that I mean that the witch should get increasingly more difficult, but not jump huge leaps and bounds in hit points.  She should get more hit points each round, but the adds should not be double her hit points.  It just does not make any sense to me, and just seems flawed the way it is now.

Don't get me started on the Agrarians or whatever they are called.  Those battles just seem like complete randomness.  That also makes no sense.  I think everyone would agree that maybe bringing back Similiths instead of these guys would be better.  If not, lets get some balance in these guys as well.  I can never finish a gold one in 1 bp, but 3 bp kills him in one line.  I can sometimes get the silver on 0 BP, but 1 BP takes one line. 

I miss the good ole days of relic guardians.  Those guys were tough, but fair, and seemed to scale up at a normal rate.  It could be that I'm just nostalgic, and not remembering correctly.  It could be that i have been slapped around so much by the witch that I can't really remember anymore......

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