I guess I would have liked to see a better split of the reward rares for the the final day in the lower brackets.  Keep in mind, I'm only talking units. This is the current distro:

  • 301-500: 2 Nin-Gelal
  • 501-1000:  2 Broadbene
  • 1001-3000: 1 Broadbene
  • 3001-5000: 1 Broadbene

Okay, so 2 Nin-Gelal would be nice, but it hard to rank that well without saving up or buying in.  Im not saying it cant be done, just very difficult for me at the moment.  So then I get to look forward to Broadbene?  Really, the big pink guy is the final reward for 501-5000?  They couldn't have mixed it up a bit?  Maybe thrown in 1 different unit?  I am not opposed in the least to broadening the units in the rewards, maybe the following:

  • 301-500: 2 Nin-Gelal and 2 Broadbene 2 Bistort 2 Sisit
  • 501-1000: 2 Broadbene 2 Bistort 2 Sisit
  • 1001-3000: 1 Broadbene 1 Bistort 1 Sisit
  • 3001-5000: Maybe 3 or 4 each of the uncommon variety

You could also give more of the next teir units to the higher ranks.  This way everyone gets a little better reward and a chance to have better units.  Lets not stop at one on the last day when 6 were released.  Most will get traded or fused together anyway, so the market and the game would not be flooded with these new units. 

Ultimately, my choice is to either tank my rank to get the uncommon dragon, or settle for the Broadbene.  My guess is that the dragon, even uncommon, will have a better value than Broadbene.  So you will catch me going through all the 1 star levels to get those little rewards today, but only as I have the energy

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