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  • Xabring

    Just posting that i finally hit a milestone in my life.........and with that, comes decisions, and one of those decisions has to do with this cool game called D.O.T


    and well...let's be honest, I’ve wasted money here and there and actually this game it's sucking my efforts and attention in a negative way, so i decided it is time to leave D.O.T


    No, not because D.O.T sucks money in like a vaccum, but because it takes loads of time and my smartphone's battery life and I also requiere a radical change in my lifestyle so i can have the most free time available VS work time, since im now getting a job and if I keep playing this, there's a high chance lot's of money will end this (not to mention the wasted time and that I should, for example, spen…

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  • Xabring

    Or Achromedea to be precise, is the new dungeon boss of this new format, and looks like the guardians are back to get their asses kicked........

    Well, at least Audi's swap color is not a fighter you can play with, that somewho makes me feel better.......and i have to admit that the color swap is kinda hot, is a shame you gotta kick her ass......and what a better way to do that with the original and only Audelinea, now that i FINALLY GOT HER AT 5/5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! TIME TO PROC THE SH** OUT OF THIS WITCH AND HER MINIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but... (damn...if only Wind where a Edge this time....T_T)

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  • Xabring

    Well, this PvP is insane because they're charging a loot of money just to get the chanzes to get the legendary, i mean, im not gonna waste 21,200 mobacoins just to see if i am lucky enough to get him (and really, i have bad luck with these kind of...bets, if not outright ripoff), and if i ever waste that comunal virtuall money, it really means i am not myself anymore (with the real money value of that  in my country, i can get an Xbox 360, really!), and sadly, this is becaming a richman's sports, that or really spend like 2 months to get to a decent team like mine, i mean, Im not the best DOT player ever, but I fear not Nebuchadnezzar at all, i mean just look:

    no need to buy him, if you know how to make a good party, and all it's in this ve…

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  • Xabring

    Well, just reporting how well i was going along on the event so far...

    All I can say is that as long as you don't have Odin at your side, stick to killing puppies........4 eyed, death-breathing puppies of course! And now for the running up so far:

    Contrary to what a friend of mine told me once because he was probably pissed of at both, DeNA and its work, probably, this little dude was making my life easier at death-puppy slaying (or in other words, it IS USEFUL), making me the 1st MVP of my FIRST MOB:

    O well, where I was? Yeah!, RIGHT!!!!

    I've wasted money (and free moba-coins!) up to the step 4 of the TIERED BUILD to get THIS:

    But no ODIN other that the ones you can get until 200000 points (i guess) so far, so, i guess im pretty lucky, since i…

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  • Xabring

    Well, I see anyone who is in possession of an account on this wiki, is able to write a blog about something....but what?

    Oh, I know!!!

    Let's talk about our favorite fighter.

    I’ll start with mine, which is probably, for many for you too, a favorite as well, so let's cut the chat and show you my favorite fighter so far:


    Probably many of you say either, "Yeah, sure" or "Yeah, mine too ♥_♥" but I have legitimate reason to like a Rogue with assassin status (that is, similar ATK and AGI), although, well, it lacks something; stats. Compared to other Fighters, she has comparatively lower stats that most of the most useful rogues (according to BLacKR1D3R_Fighters_Score anyway), but she has something that is really awesome for me, as far …

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