Well, this PvP is insane because they're charging a loot of money just to get the chanzes to get the legendary, i mean, im not gonna waste 21,200 mobacoins just to see if i am lucky enough to get him (and really, i have bad luck with these kind of...bets, if not outright ripoff), and if i ever waste that comunal virtuall money, it really means i am not myself anymore (with the real money value of that  in my country, i can get an Xbox 360, really!), and sadly, this is becaming a richman's sports, that or really spend like 2 months to get to a decent team like mine, i mean, Im not the best DOT player ever, but I fear not Nebuchadnezzar at all, i mean just look:


Do i need more to look more cool when im Smart enough to kill him at the very first turn with the very first line?

no need to buy him, if you know how to make a good party, and all it's in this very wiki! mostly thanks to asmodaios! and the admins (clocky, james and colling) , and everyone who is contributing to this very wiki!

Also, anyone interested in exchanging a Mayahem for a Audelinea? or something?

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