Just posting that i finally hit a milestone in my life.........and with that, comes decisions, and one of those decisions has to do with this cool game called D.O.T


and well...let's be honest, I’ve wasted money here and there and actually this game it's sucking my efforts and attention in a negative way, so i decided it is time to leave D.O.T


No, not because D.O.T sucks money in like a vaccum, but because it takes loads of time and my smartphone's battery life and I also requiere a radical change in my lifestyle so i can have the most free time available VS work time, since im now getting a job and if I keep playing this, there's a high chance lot's of money will end this (not to mention the wasted time and that I should, for example, spend that time in...well..clean the house or my clothes or something, for example), and simply put, I can be a little compulsive with money, and I don't want to waste a communal lot's of money on a rush and regret it latter, cuz I know myself enought to see that this is bad.

also, NO, i won't give away my fighters or fuse on to a uncommon or something so don't botter to ask (you'll be ignored), im just saying that if i no longer do any kind of activity on the game and hece the wiki, it's because I am focusing on my new job, and for that, i need to quit D.O.T At least for now...

If I ever come back, it's because either i have a better job or no job at all.....but it's posible I ever don't. So that's what I am saying, farewell...for now...or forever!

at least I was able to manage a 5/5 Audelinea! and that is a cool achievement for me, that's another reason i wont give away/fuse stuff (and she will be useful if I ever come back)

As for the people here at the wiki! thank you for all your warm welcome and comments! Specially mention goes to Clocksprocket, Asmodaios, and Educatedcollins, and anyone who was there on the chat when I was there(which i dont exatly remember but i thank you anyway, if you ever reading this). AND anyone I completley forgot, apologies in advance.

It was fun to help as a little as I was able in the wiki, and well, good bye for now! hope to see you other time!

it's a shame I didn't use my forums account...but goes on, and some things must change.....see you everyone, it was fun until it lasted!

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