Well, I see anyone who is in possession of an account on this wiki, is able to write a blog about something....but what?

Oh, I know!!!

Let's talk about our favorite fighter.

I’ll start with mine, which is probably, for many for you too, a favorite as well, so let's cut the chat and show you my favorite fighter so far:


Audelinea Sprite

Probably many of you say either, "Yeah, sure" or "Yeah, mine too ♥_♥" but I have legitimate reason to like a Rogue with assassin status (that is, similar ATK and AGI), although, well, it lacks something; stats. Compared to other Fighters, she has comparatively lower stats that most of the most useful rogues (according to BLacKR1D3R_Fighters_Score anyway), but she has something that is really awesome for me, as far as I saw until now (and I think there are more like her in this important aspect, but i dunno) is the fact that she, at SEF 5/5, is able to proc EVERY TURN!, a useful thing indeed  (a haaaaard feat to make, due to ridiculous trade offerings).

And well, that's basically why I like this fighter;

1) She is form the best rogues (an assassin in fact, but the stats are...well...not that high)

2) At sef 5/5, it procs the heck out of anything, anytime! (A bit weak but, nothing than a pair of Sawtooth can't fix!)

What do you think? Who is your favorite fighter and why? is there something that can be improved? Or it's ok as it is? just let's try to keep this family friendly and well, that's all for now!

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